This artist edits photos to create strange and funny cat combinations

This artist creates photoshopped pictures of cats that are both weird and wonderful, putting feline faces on other animals and everyday objects. They might be a little strange sometimes, but we love her creativity.

The artist is Galina Bugaevskaya, from Moscow. She started creating these photoshopped pieces back in 2018 with her kitten, Uma, as the subject. Ever since she first started posting her art on Instagram, she has gained more and more followers, up to the 218K followers she has today.

Galinaโ€™s Instagram page has been running for four years now, and sheโ€™s surprised and thrilled to see that her work has gone so far. She said:

โ€œ[I] could not even think that so many wonderful, friendly, and kind people would gather around my work.โ€

People really do love what she does. In addition to creating her own artwork for fun, Galina receives many requests from her fans, asking her to turn their beloved cats into wacky combinations.

She has several categories of cat photos that she creates, and all of them are so much fun.

Cats in art

There are her Renaissance Pet Portraits, where she turns a cat into a distinguished portrait. It is interesting to see cats in human clothes and poses, since it is so funny yet graceful at the same time.

Galina also creates cat Masterpieces, where she takes famous pieces of art and photoshops the cat into the scene. Itโ€™s impressive how she matches the cats to the styles of the paintings, making it seem like they really belong in the original painting.

Cats as food and other animals

Through Galinaโ€™s creativity, cats can also be turned into Foodie Pets. These cats photoshoppedย onto food look strangely delicious. We hope the cats that inspire these pieces know that no one would ever actually eat them!

Thereโ€™s also our personal favorite category: Animal Pets, where cats are mixed with other animals. These art pieces are fun because you never know what you can expect. Some of them are adorable, some of them are intriguing, and some of them are just creepy! But all of them are so creative and fun to look at!

Other cat possibilities

Besides these standard categories, Galina creates a variety of other artwork when she is inspired. Some of these include movie posters photoshopped with cat faces. Others include famous TV characters turned into cats.

Whatever Galina does, itโ€™s sure to be interesting. Itโ€™s so much fun seeing our favorite felines in a new perspective and seeing how Galina shows her love and appreciation of them through her art.

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