Boyfriend promises his girlfriend she can keep a stray cat if it follows them home

A couple was out for an evening walk one summer day when a stray ginger cat started following them.

One half of the couple, Syl, fell in love with the little feline straight away, the other half, Dan, was not so keen on bringing their new follower home.

Although, it seems from the video below that he was open to being convinced, as he can be seen petting the cat and calling him cute.

Dan told Syl that:

“If it follows us all the way home we can keep it.”

An evening stroll

It was a long enough walk back home for Dan to have doubts that the cat would follow him and Syl the whole way, but it seemed determined to follow Syl no matter what.

Dan also wondered whether the cat could already have an owner, as it seemed incredibly friendly and clearly used to human attention.

But Syl doesn’t relent in her desire for the cat.

When Dan asked her:

“So you don’t think the cat belongs to anybody?”

Sly jokingly responded:

“It belongs to me now.”

And as the darkness of the night descended, with the cat still following her, Syl seemed to be right.

Although the cat got somewhat distracted every now and then, it remained on Syl’s trail right up to their front door.

Finding home

Despite being seemingly nervous to enter their apartment once it got there, the stray ginger cat eventually came in and made itself comfortable.

Once inside, it rubbed itself around Syl’s legs, the furniture, and the floor, happy to be safe and sound.

The next day the couple took the cat to the vet to get a health check and see if it had a microchip.

A ginger cat being held by a woman in a car
Considering how friendly the cat was they had to check if it was owned. Pic credit: @ThePunGuys/Facebook.

The cat had no microchip and the vet told them that she was a female.

As excited as they were to potentially have a ginger kitty coming home with them, they made a “found animal report” which required them to wait 72 hours to see if anyone claimed her.

Even though they didn’t want to let her go, they had to make sure she wasn’t already owned. Imagine how devastated you’d be if your cat went missing and you never saw them again?

But after all that, it turned out to be a happy ending for the couple, and the ginger kitty too!

A couple with the woman holding a ginger cat
Dan and Syl with their new ginger girl! Pic credit: @ThePunGuys/Facebook.
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