Wandering cat keeps bringing home trash, his owner hatches a plan

Meet Gonzo, a male gray tabby cat who loves to bring his humans trash as gifts every day. 

Three years ago, his father, a documentary filmmaker, decided to make a tiny spy camera. He wanted Gonzo to wear the device on his collar to educate himself and see what his tabby cat did every day. 


Gonzo’s father has tried several different cameras along the way. However, his current camera of choice is the Insta360 Go 2. 

The camera’s quality and durability have worked quite well with his cat’s adventures out and about in the neighborhood.

A cat’s point of view

Watching the camera footage, his owner got a new perspective on his companion’s life.

When Gonzo scouted the neighborhood, he retrieved various items and brought them home daily, some days he would even make multiple trips.

Gonzo has brought home hundreds of trash gifts. From plastics and labels to rocks and dead flowers, you never know what this tabby cat will bring home next!

Additionally, his father could see more of Gonzo’s personality through his interactions with other animals in the neighborhood. This experience has been a glimpse into his secret life and temperament. 

Gonzo would try and befriend other animals in the street. Some interactions were pleasant, while others were not so successful. 

From unrequited love with the neighbor’s female cat to playful connections with baby possums, this adventurous cat continues searching for meaningful relationships.

Final thoughts

Gonzo’s Dad wanted to get a glimpse inside the mind and life of his companion and in doing so he learned a simple lesson.

Seeing his feline’s daily life helped him better learn and understand his cat on a deeper level.

Gonzo is a very social, friendly cat, he is also a gentle soul. 

Essentially, this experience has made their bond even more special.

You can follow Gonzo and his feline best friend Fish on their cat adventures on TikTok.


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