Brave kitten takes revenge on a robot vacuum cleaner

It had been days since Lana Hidas’s Bengal kitten had some “me time”. Usually, the three-month-old feline relished in his peaceful surroundings but there had been an unwelcome intrusion in the cat’s space. A robot vacuum cleaner had taken over and showed no signs of retreat.

The vacuum cleaner was a loud roommate who could go on for hours, with his swift glide the device terrorized the pussycat. After suffering this dictatorship in silence, the feline’s resentment reached a boiling point. Lana’s kitten decided that it was time for him to take his revenge on the robot. His mind made up, the Bengal did not pull his punches.

Kitten Vs Robot

Some of our pets don’t get along with domestic appliances, often causing them to fear or attack one of these devices. With its sometimes deafening noise, a vacuum cleaner, for example, can scare and stress many felines.

The spectacle is considerably more unsettling for these four-legged pets when it’s an autonomous version, moving alone in the room. This is, in all likelihood, what Lana Hidas’s tomcat was experiencing when he spotted the vacuum cleaner, as reported by Newsweek.

In a video posted on TikTok by Lana, viewers can witness the young Bengal’s “attack” on the robot vacuum cleaner. Having had enough of the fear it has caused him, Lana’s cat rebelled. He cornered the robot and proceeded to give the poor device a piece of his mind.

TikTok’s reaction

The images show the vacuum cleaner turned off and the kitten who takes advantage of it to settle a score. The kitty sends his opponent a series of energetic pawing blows. Lana mentioned that her puss couldn’t stop smacking the device. Tit for tat.

“He was afraid of the vacuum cleaner robot, and now he gets his revenge,” reads the caption of the sequence, which quickly became viral.

The public has clearly picked the Bengal’s side because the video, posted on June 8th, 2022, has amassed more than 1. 4 million views. Commenters pointed out the fact that this reaction felt very personal, others shared similar experiences with their own pets.

User @wizard.of.awes remarked: “I had a female kitten who did this to the landline phone. Wallop! Wallop! Wallop! The ring had startled her.”

Another user, @izzfalastin99 asked Lana: “please turn the robot on again 😂 wanna see his reaction” to which the cat’s mom responded that she didn’t want to traumatize her poor kitty for life.

Something tells us that this punchy kitty would be fine either way.

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