Britain’s House of Parliament welcomes adorable new kitten Attlee

As reported by the British newspaper The Guardian, a new kitten named Attlee has arrived at Westminster parliament.

The furry new addition belongs to British politician Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who has been a Speaker of the House of Commons since 2019.

A grand introduction

The four-month-old Maine Coon kitten made his debut when Hoyle released a photo of Attlee sitting with him in his Speaker’s chair. The adorable little kitten was named in honor of Clement Attlee, who served as Labour Prime Minister from 1945 to 1951. 

It was also revealed that Attlee has his very own Instagram account, where people will be able to follow every adventure that the kitten has within the hallowed halls of Britain’s Parliament.

One bold little kitten

Sir Lindsay Hoyle let the world know that there was a very important new addition to British politics when he released the following statement:

“Introducing Attlee. A bold little kitten who’s brought much joy to my office and team. He brings a smile to the faces of everyone he comes into contact with on the parliamentary estate.”

The Parliament Speaker further elaborated on Attlee’s adorable antics when he told Sky News:

“Attlee is just the boldest, craziest, life force you can imagine, he races around my office, much to the amusement of my team, and brings a smile to the face of doorkeepers, police officers, cleaners – and everyone who comes into contact with him.”

Sir Lindsay Hoyle and Attlee sit together in the Speaker’s chair. Pic credit: @attlee_the_speakers_cat/Instagram

A fine feline legacy 

Attlee joins an esteemed line of felines that have made their mark on British politics, including Larry the much-loved Number Ten cat who resides at Downing Street with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Another renowned political feline is black cat Palmerston, the recently retired Chief Mouser of the Foreign Office, who has become infamous for his rivalry with Number Ten’s Larry. 

Attlee’s predecessor was a fellow Maine Coon, who went by the name of Patrick and also served as a dedicated Speaker’s cat. Patrick sadly passed away in March and has been reported to be much missed within the halls of Parliament. Sir Lindsay Hoyle told Sky News:

“I still miss Patrick – who was my favorite pet – but Attlee, who we named after a former prime minister who created the NHS, has cheered us up no end.”

Up to the challenge

Despite the esteemed legacy that he has to live up to, Attlee has already proven that he is up to the challenge. The little Maine Coon has captured hearts across the globe and now has a rapt audience ready to witness how this little kitten will shake up the world of British politics.

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