Fuzzy orange cat with one lopsided eye

Arthur the “Fuzzy Potato” cat receives the care he needs

Is it a potato or a ball of fluff? No, it’s a cat! Arthur is a special needs kitten whose condition has improved so much with a little extra love and care. Arthur is currently a resident at Pumpkin Patch Pet Rescue in Los Angeles, California. He is in the foster care of the founder, … Read more

Orange cat and gray cat sit on a boat

Fisher the boating master cat mentors his new little brother

Fisher the Maine Coon is a water-loving cat that has taken social media by storm. He has been delighting his followers with his boating, swimming, and tubing adventures for the past three years. Now Fisher has a new little brother who is learning the ropes, and Fisher is an amazing big brother and mentor. Fisher … Read more

A man holds a huge calico cat in his arms.

Meet Samson: who is officially the biggest cat in New York City!

A Maine Coon cat named Samson has earned a special title in New York City. Since 2016, the Guinness Book of Records has recognized the kitty as the city’s biggest cat. Ten-year-old Samson certainly deserves his title, this impressive feline weighs no less than twenty-eight pounds and measures an impressive four feet. Jonathan Zurbel, the … Read more

A white maine coon cat sits before a gray background.

A cat in France was rescued by bystanders after falling from a building’s fourth floor

In downtown Le Mans, France, a cat accidentally fell from the fourth floor of a building. Fortunately for the feline passers-by were there to rescue him. Now the moggy’s grateful owner has launched a plea to find the generous folks who saved her precious kitty. Saïko, a one-year-old Maine Coon, is one tough cookie, the … Read more

Two images of a Maine Coon cat.

A French town’s official feline mascot fled before he could take up his post but was eventually found

Titi is a Maine Coon cat who holds the highly esteemed position of “mascot for Decize’s social networks.” The tomcat, however, vanished the day following his election in March 2022. Two weeks later, he was discovered safe and sound in a neighboring house. Phew! Decize is a small town in central France’s Nievre area. The … Read more

A Maine Coon kitten looks up at camera.

Britain’s House of Parliament welcomes adorable new kitten Attlee

As reported by the British newspaper The Guardian, a new kitten named Attlee has arrived at Westminster parliament. The furry new addition belongs to British politician Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who has been a Speaker of the House of Commons since 2019. A grand introduction The four-month-old Maine Coon kitten made his debut when Hoyle released … Read more