British man raising money to bring disabled kitten to UK

Phil Hammond from North Devon is currently raising money online to fly a disabled kitten from Bulgaria to the UK. The kitten was sadly struck by a car and left paralyzed in both of her hind legs.

The kitten named Hailey was brought to ‘Animal Rescue Sofia’ an animal shelter in Bulgaria, where Hammond, a volunteer from Dogs Trust, met her while he was visiting the center.

A kitten in need

As reported by Devon Live, as soon as Hammond encountered the little kitten in need, he knew that he had to help her.

He discovered that despite her unfortunate circumstances, Hailey was a friendly and happy little kitten who just wanted love.

Unfortunately, love is not all that Hailey needs. The rescue center will be able to pay for Hailey’s vaccinations, which she needs to travel, but they don’t have the funds to send the kitten to the UK.

Help required

As much as ‘Animal Rescue Sofia’ loves little Hailey, they do not have the resources required to care for disabled animals, and the cat section of their center is currently under construction.

This means that Hailey is being cared for in the canine area of the shelter, surrounded all day by barking dogs.

Phil Hammond told Devon Live that though the rescue center is full of committed people who are dedicated to the animals, Hailey needs to go to the UK to receive essential specialist care.

Explaining how he wants to improve the kitten’s outcome, Hammond said:

“I just want to give her the chance of a good, healthy life and I don’t think she’s going to get that in Bulgaria. Animal Rescue Sofia does an amazing job, but they said they would struggle to rehome a healthy cat, let alone a disabled cat.

I couldn’t bear the thought of her never having the chance to live in a home and sit in someone’s lap permanently.”

A gray kitten is being held within the arms of a man.
Hailey enjoys cuddling with Phil Hammond. Pic credit: Phil Hammond/YouTube

Hailey’s Fund

In search of crucial money needed to help the disabled kitten, Hammond has started fundraising online and created ‘Hailey’s Fund’. 

The fund aims to raise enough money for the kitten to be transported from Bulgaria to the UK and also to contribute to the treatment that Hailey will need.

Thankfully Hammond is quickly heading toward his ultimate goal of £500, as people online who were touched by Hailey’s story raised over £200 in a single day.

Spreading the word

Phil Hammond created a video that fully explores what the little kitten has been through and what is needed for her full recovery.

He posted the video to his YouTube channel and it has helped to spread the word about Hailey’s plight and what can be done to help her.

You can view the video below and see for yourself what a little fighter Hailey is!

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