meet Hanny, the disabled cat who loves the beach

Disabled Bengal cat still has fun on adventures with her owners

Rescue cat Hanny’s life started with a tragic event. The kitten was only a few hours old when another cat bit her in the back, damaging her lower body. As a result, the cat’s back legs were paralyzed. Still, Hanny’s handicap has not prevented her from living life to the fullest. And she can always … Read more

Two kitten brothers

Foster kitten brothers overcome their disabilities and are adopted together

Two kitten brothers, Fettuccine and Alfredo, also known as the Noodle Boys, had a difficult foster journey, but they made it through everything together and are now in the forever home of their dreams. A rough start The two kittens were rushed to their foster mom, Jordan, in a state of emergency. When they arrived, … Read more

A disabled cat leads a normal life

A disabled and incontinent cat’s positive attitude wins over the Internet

Disability is not a death sentence for a cat. Instead, Aoife, a 2-year-old paraplegic kitten, is showing the internet how to overcome hurdles to lead a happy life. Her social media has grown in popularity, with one video of the paralyzed puss gaining 73.3 million views. Forty-five-year-old fitness coach Sabrina De Matteo and her husband, … Read more

A little boy holds a tiny tabby kitten.

This sweet boy built a wheelchair for a tiny disabled kitten

A 9-year-old Brazilian boy met a disabled little kitten at his neighbor’s house. The kind-hearted boy built a wheelchair for the injured kitten, changing his life forever. The boy’s mother, Rogéria Bello Corazza, posted the heartwarming story on her Facebook account.    Joao, who loves animals, lives with his parents in the Brazilian state of Paraná. … Read more

A ginger kitten lying on their stomach looking back at the camera.

This paralyzed kitten got a second chance at life thanks to the Kitten Lady!

Hannah Shaw, known as the Kitten Lady, came across Chloe, a six-week-old kitten with paralyzed back legs, while picking up another two-week-old kitten that needed special care from a local shelter. It was suspected that Chloe’s rear leg paralysis was caused by abuse and looking at the kitten, Shaw couldn’t leave her behind. She decided … Read more

A gray kitten behind the bars of a cage.

British man raising money to bring disabled kitten to UK

Phil Hammond from North Devon is currently raising money online to fly a disabled kitten from Bulgaria to the UK. The kitten was sadly struck by a car and left paralyzed in both of her hind legs. The kitten named Hailey was brought to ‘Animal Rescue Sofia’ an animal shelter in Bulgaria, where Hammond, a … Read more