Three kittens: one gray, one calico, one black

Foster mom was supposed to babysit three kittens temporarily, but they stayed until adoption

Three kittens, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, came to Lori’s kitten foster home for her to babysit. She was supposed to take care of them for only a few days while their other foster mom was gone. Babysittin’ kittens Mario, Luigi, and Peach had been rescued as tiny kittens from a hoarding house. There had … Read more

A grey fever coat kitten stands next to his black cat brother who is sticking his tongue out

Kitten refuses to leave his premie brother’s side and helps him to survive

Since being born premature and abandoned by their mother, kittens Laszlo and Lestat have always had each others’ backs. They even helped to nurse one another through illness to stay alive. The two were found abandoned in a backyard with their other siblings and taken in by the Orphan Kitten Club. Lestat was placed in … Read more

Three kittens in a bed

Foster mom gets three fluffy kittens on Easter, including an attention-seeking calico

These three fluffy foster kittens loved to make mischief, especially Mopsy, an attention-seeking calico kitten. Fluffy hitchhikers Dannielle, a kitten foster mom and founder of Southon Rescue, was on her way to a nearby shelter around Easter time. She meant to get just one kitten, but she ended up with a few “hitchhikers” too. These … Read more