Black and white dog and tabby cat cuddle together

Harvey the chunky cat becomes best friends with his annoying puppy brother

Harvey was a rescue cat who needed to get back in shape. When he first met his new puppy brother, Blu, he wasn’t amused, but then Blu became one of his best friends and started helping him exercise. Hurricane cat Harvey was named after the hurricane that swept through Texas in 2017. He was left … Read more

Black and white dog and cat

Cat and Newfoundland dog give each other emotional support

Bears the cat and Belle the dog have had a connection ever since they first met. Now they are each other’s emotional support, especially when they have surgery. Two of a kind Bears was first introduced to Belle when Belle was a puppy. Their owner, Emily, wasn’t sure they would get along. But they were … Read more

Separeated cat and dog have a heartwarming reunion

Kitten’s emotional reunion with her dog best friend will warm your heart

Bobbie, a tomcat, and Winnie, a doggy, developed a strong attachment during the short time they spent together living in the same house. When Bobbie had to leave, it was a terrible blow to the pair — but the moment they reunited will warm your heart. April Butler has a soft spot for critters. Winnie, her … Read more

Two images: one of a black cat and one of a black dog wearing a neck scarf.

A compassionate cat guides a blind dog by meowing in front of obstacles

A blind dog has found a great companion in a house cat. The feline assists the disabled dog in navigating the world without sight. A German shepherd- Greyhound cross named Blaze went blind in 2020, but thanks to Satin, the dog has someone to guide him at home. Robin Wagner, who lives in Vermont, adopted … Read more

A ginger cat and dog lie together on a bed.

Missing cat is overjoyed to be reunited with German Shepherd bestie

Clyde the cat and Triton the German Shepard are the two bestest friends that anyone could ever have. That’s why Clyde was utterly overjoyed to be reunited with Triton after going missing for almost two weeks. Clyde’s family was worried sick and had no idea if they would ever see Clyde again when their cat … Read more