Picture of tabby cat and picture of green bird bath

Woman sets up bird bath to honor the memory of her departed cat

It is an undeniable tragedy when someone’s animal companion passes away. This woman had to face the loss of her beloved cat, Oscar, and she honored his memory in a beautiful way. Hug your cats a little tighter Oscar’s owner described him as an “indoor kitty who always craved the outdoors.” He was an escape … Read more

Black and white dog and cat

Cat and Newfoundland dog give each other emotional support

Bears the cat and Belle the dog have had a connection ever since they first met. Now they are each other’s emotional support, especially when they have surgery. Two of a kind Bears was first introduced to Belle when Belle was a puppy. Their owner, Emily, wasn’t sure they would get along. But they were … Read more

Tabby cat hugging a woman

Chase the clingy cat won’t stop hugging his mom

Chase is a cat who loves to give hugs to everyone, especially his mom. Sometimes she thinks he could learn to respect personal space more, but his clinginess still makes him such a unique and sweet cat. Chase and his family Chase’s family includes his owners, or his “pawrents,” Fifi and Kareem. He also has … Read more

Black cat hugs an orange tabby cat

Cat brothers Simon and Sabastian were so cuddly they had to be adopted together

Simon and Sabastian, a bonded pair of cat brothers, were always hugging each other. Their owner couldn’t help but adopt them both together and let them keep cuddling for the rest of their lives. The cuddling strategy Colleen Green, Simon and Sabastian’s owner, first met the cats through her friend, who had recently bought a … Read more

Two cats play with each other through bars of their cages

Shelter kitties Quin and Raven play with each other while waiting to get adopted

Two cats, Quin and Raven, spent their shelter days comforting each other through the bars of their cages. Now Quin has been adopted, and Raven is well on her way to being adopted too, gaining new families who will give them all the love and cuddles they need. Shelter love Cats are often solitary creatures, … Read more

A black cat surrounded by toys.

This tuxedo cat has stolen the internet’s heart by carrying around his ‘stuffies’

Harpo, a 13-year-old tuxedo cat, caught the attention of the internet when his owner started to share videos of him carrying his soft toys, or ‘stuffies’, around. He also ‘sings’ – meowing with his mouth full – while waddling because of the awkward position he has to carry the big toys in his mouth. Some … Read more