Black and white dog and cat

Cat and Newfoundland dog give each other emotional support

Bears the cat and Belle the dog have had a connection ever since they first met. Now they are each other’s emotional support, especially when they have surgery. Two of a kind Bears was first introduced to Belle when Belle was a puppy. Their owner, Emily, wasn’t sure they would get along. But they were … Read more

Labrador plays with a black and white cat

Cat becomes a foster fail when she falls in love with a dog

Maggie is a cat who doesn’t care much for other cats or people. But when it comes to Coco, her favorite dog, she’s absolutely in love! Jennifer, Maggie and Coco’s owner, describes the pair as “a couple.” Maggie is definitely the most cuddly of the two. In a video by the Dodo, Jennifer says: “She’s … Read more

Two images of a ginger looking through the window at a calico cat.

This stray cat and his sweetheart have a moving love story

A budding romance between a stray ginger cat and the object of his affection has captivated Tiktok users. Love stories can be thorny and usually require commitment and patience, it appears the struggle is no different for kittens. Yes, felines have feelings too, the following story shared by Amomeupet proves it. A feral moggy decided … Read more