Cat demands that her owner stop crocheting and give her back rubs instead

This cat owner likes to crochet, but he only has one problem: his cat doesn’t want him to! The cat, Julie, demands attention and back rubs, and he can’t give them to her if he’s crocheting. So she solves the problem by sitting on his lap while he’s working, preventing him from doing anything else besides paying attention to her.

No more crocheting!

This cat owner enjoys crocheting, saying that it helps him to relax and “shut down” his brain after a long day of hard work. Usually, the stereotype is that only women crochet, but he doesn’t care about stereotypes. Anything that helps someone relax is a great thing for them to do!

But his cat Julie doesn’t care about whether he crochets or not. Crocheting might make him happy, but back rubs make her happy, and she decided she needed them right now. She sat on her owner’s lap, blocking his work, so she could get some cuddles.

A serious situation

The owner posted about his situation on Reddit, saying:

“I’m not allowed to crochet, drink my coffee or go to the bathroom. I AM allowed to give Julie back rubs.”

In the picture, Julie stares at him with such a stern gaze. There’s no question about it. He has to meet her demands or suffer the wrath of a grumpy kitty.

People who commented on the post agreed that she looked very serious, and he’d better give her what she wants.

Enjoy it

He may not be able to crochet or move in any way, but on the plus side, Julie is super adorable! It shouldn’t be too hard to give her lots of back rubs. One commenter pointed out:

“You are permitted to enjoy the experience as well.”

Julie’s owner responded, saying that he definitely does! Being trapped under a cat isn’t the worst thing that could happen. In fact, it could be one of the best.

Worship the Queen

It’s a little surprising that Julie won’t let her owner crochet. He could be making a wonderful blanket for her! Although, according to him, she already has at least three. She’s already been spoiled with homemade blankets, so now she wants to be spoiled with attention.

The commenters agree that he’d better get to it immediately.

Although this cat owner is trapped, he couldn’t be happier. As one commenter said:

“Beautiful kitty + beautiful yarn = life is good.”

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