Empathetic black cat cuddles with her owner to help her feel better

Some cats are very cuddly, while some are very independent. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your cats love you or if they just want the food that you provide. This woman was used to cats being aloof when she was feeling sad, but because of one very sweet cat she discovered that they could be very empathetic.

Some cats don’t bother

This cat owner said that she had never had an empathetic cat before. Her first cat is a black cat named Lucia. She has had Lucia for about 4 years now. Lucia is very cuddly, but she isn’t very empathetic. Her owner said:

“[She] loves to lay and sleep on me, but if I’m upset she’s like ‘ugh, you’re annoying’ and peaces out.”

A cat can certainly be very cuddly and affectionate, but not want to bother when their owner is emotional. Some cats just show their love in different ways.

Cat sleeping on person's lap
Lucia may be less empathetic, but she’s still so cuddly! Pic credit: u/alice-aletheia/Reddit

Empathetic Spot

But when this cat owner got another feline friend, she discovered that there are cats who show their love by noticing when their human is upset and comforting them. She adopted another black cat about a month ago. The cat is named Spot, and she’s so sweet. Her owner said:

“She’s so attentive, so I was so surprised.”

Spot showed her caring personality when her human was having a particularly rough time and needed some support. She said:

“I’ve had the most horrible day and I was crying on my bed curled up, and she came up and became my little spoon, and seriously I immediately felt better.”

Instead of walking away when her owner was sad, Spot noticed that she needed some extra love and quickly provided it. And of course her owner felt better after that. Cat cuddles are special, and they seem to have the ability to cure anything.

Black cat sleeping with cactus plush toy
Spot after she was adopted. We wonder if that cactus was having a bad day and needed some cuddles too! Pic credit: u/alice-aletheia/Reddit

Cats are amazing

This woman was so surprised to learn just how empathetic cats could be. She shared her story on Reddit. Some of the people who saw her story were also amazed, saying how lucky she was to have such a sweet cat. Others related to her, saying that their cats had done similar things. They said:

“Awww animals can always sense when we are upset and want to make us feel better. My little void does the same.”


“My cat is the first empathetic pet I’ve had too. He will literally not leave my side if I’m anxious or sick. They are guardian angels.”


“All cats are amazing. Both of my basically mutts cats do this. If I start crying or am obviously emotionally distressed they’ll both come over to see what’s going on, and sit on me or rub me, etc.”


Spot’s owner agreed. All cats are amazing! Even Lucia, who isn’t quite as empathetic as Spot, is a sweetie who just shows her love in a different way. We appreciate cats for all the love and cuddles they give.

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