A brown tabby cat lays on desk.

A stray cat befriends a man at the junkyard and finds a home and a job as the company foreman

In 2020 a man heading to work in Columbus, Ohio, stumbled upon a stray tabby cat who captured his attention and became part of the family. When car shop owner, Ray, arrived for work one day, he found a friendly stray feline by the back door. The tabby cat was accompanied by his two brothers … Read more

A cat sits on a book shelf surrounded by books.

Check out this incredible cat-themed bookstore!

Last summer, a brand-new bookstore opened in Aix-en-Provence, France. From a distance, the bookshop looks like any other regular shop, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice this one is unique. “Mon Chat Pitre“ is France’s first bookstore solely dedicated to cats. You’ll be able to pet six felines adopted from shelters while browsing the shelves … Read more

A tortoiseshell cat lying within a cage.

A kind bus driver saved a kitten, now she rides with him on every journey

A kind-hearted bus driver in the Philippines saved a stray kitten he spotted during one of his routes, now she joins him on every journey. Joel Basallote is a mini bus driver who has been working the Mandaue-Ayala route in the Cebu region of the Philippines for many years. Basallote thought he knew everything about … Read more