Cat family takes in orphaned kitten found under a deck and raises it as their own

An abandoned kitten rescued from underneath a homeowner’s deck was taken in by a cat family who adopted the kitten as one of its own.

A homeowner named Pat heard a strang noise coming from under her deck. When she went to go check it out she realized it was a crying kitten.

Pat immediately acted to bring to rescue the cat from underneath the deck in the pouring rain. She ended up pulling her deck apart just to get the kitten to safety.

Pat got to the skinny and malnourished kitty with a terrible eye infection just in time. Who knows how long he would have survived without her intervention? She named the grey tabby after late husband Danny who built the deck.

Clearing up

Pat contacted Cailey Seymour of Dorset Rescue Kittens who took Danny in. Danny was bottle-fed every few hours and put on antibiotics to clear up her infection.

Thankfully, the kitten was a fighter and was soon brought back to health. Danny liked to snuggle but also liked to rough house and wanted lots of attention.

Seymour figured that Danny could benefit from being around other cats so she placed him with a cat family she took in.

The momma cat named Betty took to Danny right away and immediately started to groom and take care of him as if he was one of her own kittens.

“Betty adored Danny, and she never questioned him. She loves him from the moment she met him,” Seymour said.

Momma Betty

Danny wasn’t sure how to react at first, having been on his own. But he eventually warmed up to Betty and snuggled into her.

“The first day he joined them, Danny was contentedly chugging away at his bottle every three hours, but it only took him one night to figure out how to nurse from his adopted mom,” Cailey said. “Betty is such a great mother and her owner is so happy to know that she is doing a great job raising her babies, and took in an orphan as well.”

Not only does Danny have a loving mother, but a bunch of siblings to snuggle with. This new family will stay together until they are old enough to be adopted.

At that point, Betty will be returned to her original owner and Danny will find a new forever home with the experience of already having been loved by a family.

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