Cat loves watching Minecraft gameplay videos

Some cats enjoy screen time more than others. This kitty named Misha loves to watch the TV screen, and he has a very specific taste: he loves Minecraft YouTube videos!

Misha the screamer

Misha’s owners had to find a way to calm their cat down. According to them, he is “a screamer.” He will yowl all day long if they don’t think of a way to keep him occupied. They said:

“Misha is adorable but was born without a single brain cell–all the cells went to his lungs.”

Thankfully, they discovered something that calms Misha down instantly: Minecraft gameplay videos.

Soothing Minecraft videos

Many Minecraft players create their own YouTube channels and film videos of themselves playing the game. Viewers like to watch for ideas about how to play and for the fun and funny personality of the gamers themselves.

Misha likes to watch them too, probably for the interesting cube shapes that make up everything in the game and the soothing, repetitive nature of the gameplay. According to his owners, it’s very effective. They said:

“When nothing else works, this is our last resort. Instant hypnosis and a very welcome moment of calm.”

Gray cat with blue eyes
Misha, in one of his rare moments of calm. Pic credit: u/evissimus/Reddit

Misha’s owners haven’t played Minecraft. When one of them posted about Misha’s Minecraft video obsession on Reddit, she said in the caption:

“I have never, ever played Minecraft. But, thanks to Misha’s obsession with Minecraft gameplay videos, I consider myself an expert.”

It’s no wonder. After putting on so many videos for their cat, Misha’s owners must have watched a good amount themselves. If they tried to play the game after all this, they might be naturals.

Other favorite videos

Misha also enjoys other videos. According to his owners, he doesn’t really like videos that are specifically made to entertain cats, besides a handful of exceptions.

But Misha does like watching videos about monkeys in Monkey World. He also likes watching videos of storm chasers. His owners said:

“He loves seeing the windscreen wipers in the storm chasers’ cars in action.”

Gray cat watching a storm chasers video on TV
Misha’s is completely focused as he watches a storm chasers video. Pic credit: u/evissimus/Reddit

It’s good that Misha likes a variety of videos, so he can always enjoy something new, although he doesn’t love anything as much as Minecraft.

This kitty must get a lot of total screen time, but it’s worth it. He gets to enjoy the TV, his owners get to enjoy the peace and quiet, and everyone is happy.

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