Orphan kitten who was all alone made friends in his new foster home

When this kitten came to his foster home, he was an orphan kitten who was all alone. But as he grew up, he made new friends in his foster home and acted as a friend and mentor for other foster kittens.


Gator was a tiny kitten who was all alone. He was a stray with no mom or siblings, and he was still so young that he didn’t know how to eat by himself and would have to be bottle-fed.

He was all alone and covered with fleas, so he was rescued, cleaned up, fed, and given a good place to sleep for the first night.

Once Gator was good to go, he was taken to the foster kitten home of Jessica Thompson. There, he would get all the care he needed, and he would never be alone again.

So cute

Since he had no mama to feed him, Jessica was more than willing to help him out with bottle feeding and lots of love.

And Jessica really loved Gator! To her, he was just the cutest little guy. She posted pictures of him on her Instagram, with captions like: “He’s so cute!” “How is Gator so darn cute?! Like look at that face” and “Sleeping Gator makes my heart swell.”

We agree! Tiny Gator is so cute, and he deserves all the love.

Learning with friends

As he grew up in his new foster home, Gator had to learn lots of new things. He learned how to eat food and drink water from a bowl on his own, and he learned how to beg for food, even trying to get a bite of Jessica’s tacos.

Gator learned how to play with toys. He even learned about the ceiling fan and stared at it all day.

Gator got help with some of the things he had to learn. He made friends with the older kitties in the foster home, and they helped show him how things worked around there. One kitten even helped Gator learn how to get up and down the stairs.

Teaching new friends

Soon enough, Gator was one of the older and more experienced kittens in the foster home. As more, younger kittens came in, he stepped up and became a friend to the newbies.

One of these newbies was Gilly, a female orange tabby kitten. She was very nervous, but Gator made her feel calm and helped her get used to her new environment.

Some other kittens were JJ and Reid, who had been bottle-baby orphans just like Gator. He made the perfect big foster brother for them, since he helped them learn how to be kittens and even acted as their cuddle buddy. Jessica said:

“JJ and Reid appreciate him teaching the ropes and his warm body.”

Three tabby kittens, one older than the other two
Gator (center) is the best big foster brother. Pic credit: @theswiftiekittens/Instagram

Never alone

Gator has come so far from when he was a tiny, lonely orphaned kitten. Now he has new friends and helps other kittens feel at home, and once he is adopted into a home, he’ll have a forever family. He’ll never be alone ever again.

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