Stray three-legged cat adopted and given a home before winter

When this person found a stray three-legged kitten, they knew they had to help her, especially before winter came and the weather got too cold. They adopted her immediately to provide a home for her.

Three-legged stray

This person posted about the kitten’s story on Reddit. They said the kitten was friendly, and she let them get close and pet her.

The kitten was very hungry and in poor condition, and the person decided to help her. They took the kitten to the vet, where they learned that the kitten might need surgery on her injured leg, even going so far as to amputate the whole limb.

For now, she was too young to have the surgery and would have to wait.

The person found out that the poor kitten didn’t have any owners and was a stray, so they decided to adopt her on the spot. They would do anything to give the kitten a home and the help she needed.

Playing and cuddling

One day later, the kitten’s new owner posted an update about her with a video. In the video, the kitten runs around like a natural, chasing a toy around in her new home.

It is so heartwarming to see her doing so well! Her owner said:

“She is so brave and tough and fun-spirited.”

The kitten’s owner named her Boumboulina, or Boumbuls for short. It sounds like a strange name, but the kitten was named after a Greek female pirate captain from the 1800s. Since pirates often have peg legs, this name was perfect for the three-legged kitten.

According to Boumboulina’s owner, the kitten is also a major cuddler. One commenter said that they wanted to give the kitten a hug and a kiss, and the owner said:

“She would luuuuv that. She starts purring right away when you pick her up and cuddle her. She’s a little angel.”

Don’t underestimate a three-legged cat

Another commenter gave some advice about raising a tripod kitty, since they had one of their own. They warned the kitten’s owner not to be fooled by the kitten’s missing leg.

She would still get anywhere and everywhere she could, even on counters and other places that are hard to reach. Boumboulina’s owner agreed. They said:

“Already I’m so impressed with her abilities. I woke up this morning and she was asleep on the couch. I was shocked to see her up there.”

The kitten’s owner agreed that they would have to kitten-proof the house and never underestimate the three-legged kitten.

They were also looking forward to adding new things to the house to help Boumboulina get around in places she was allowed to go, like steps for the couches and the bed.

A warm home

This person had been so quick to adopt Boumboulina because they knew she needed help, especially with winter approaching and the weather getting colder. Now the tripod kitten has a safe, warm, and loving place to live, where she can be as happy as she deserves. Her owner said:

“I just want her to be happy and healthy and comfy and loved.”

We’re sure that this sweet kitten is going to get all that and more in her new home.

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