Lovable kitten copies everything his owner’s baby boy does

An adorable feline is entirely fascinated by his owner’s baby. After observing his human sibling, the kitten begins to act like a baby himself, appropriating children’s toys and sitting in the baby rocker to watch television.

New mother Amanda gave birth to her son Charlie on September 6. The same year, the family got a kitten three months later, in December.

Named Wilbur, the kitty really looked up to his brother. Amanda revealed to the Dodo that:

“Anywhere that Charlie was, Wilbur would be. Wilbur follows everything Charlie does like a younger brother.”

Indeed, Wilbur kept Charlie company in his chair. The cat also curled up to the boy in his crib for a team nap while holding hands.

If Charlie started playing on his green mat, Wilbur would be batting around on the same carpet. The pair toys too.

Once Wilbur noticed his mate playing with toys, he also became fond of those objects. For instance, Charlie’s grandmother brought the baby a stuffed Elmo toy.

Charlie hardly had time to use this stuffed animal because Wilbur took over. The cat decided this red toy was his and went everywhere with it.

Furthermore, Wilbur selected his favorite things in the house. Among them was the baby rocking chair. The cat loved to relax on the piece of furniture.

He and Charlie would settle there and watch TV cartoons for hours.

Cat and baby love infant food

Amanda explained that feeding time became a bit challenging. Every time she would set her son in a high chair to feed him, Wilbur assumed it was his lunchtime as well.

The affectionate kitty would jump on the high chair and ask to be spoon-fed, just like a baby.

In a video clip, Wilbur is seen trying to grab the spoon of soup destined for Charlie. His amused owner asks to stop, but the cat persists.

As a result, they have developed a routine, and Wilbur now gets the last bite of every meal. Amanda explained that her cat is not a picky eater; he’ll try anything.

Over time, the woman discovered her baby food packages open and torn apart. She found Wilbur rummaging through a cupboard, looking for baby food (flour, popcorn, etc.).

Despite his owner’s stern warning, Wilbur kept sneaking into the food cupboard, prompting Amanda to take measures. The mother said:

“I had to put child’s locks on the cupboard for the cat, not for the baby.”

Still, the cat owner loves watching her son and her pet grow up together. She calls the whole experience lovely.

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