Cat saved by a husky is now the leader of their dog pack

Sisters Thi, Thoa, and Tram run a cat rescue but are also full-time parents to a pack of three husky dogs. Yet, their pack of huskies are now led by a cat named Rosie. Rosie basically calls all the shots.

Wherever she goes, the pack follows. Rosie was one of the kittens that came through their rescue, Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue, which cares for then rehomes neonatal kittens.

Rosie was just a few days old when she was found. Poor Rosie was weak and lethargic and refused to be bottled fed by the sisters.

Saved by the dog

As a last resort, they decided to put Rosie with one of their huskies named Lilo. Lilo had been good with kittens in the past, so they thought the companionship might help.

And it did, almost instantly! Rosie took to Lilo right away and perked up within a few hours. When the kitten attempted to suckle from Lilo, she allowed the sisters to bottle feed her milk.

Lilo served as Rosie’s surrogate mother and basically saved the kitten’s life. After that the two of them were inseparable.

Rosie has ascended to the role of leader of her pack of three huskies who follow and protect her.

The sisters intended to find a home for Rosie once she was healthy enough to be adopted. They have a rule that they have to find homes for any cat they take in. They aren’t allowed to keep any of them.

But they made an exception for Rosie after seeing how strong her bond with Lilo was. Eventually, Rosie was introduced to the rest of the pack: Infinity and Miko.

Leader of the pack

Since Rosie grew up around dogs, she started to believe that she was one. She didn’t want to be left out when the sisters would take their dogs on walks or for a hike.

So, by the time Rosie was about 5-weeks-old she would put on a harness and leash and come along. Now, Rosie enjoys going for long car rides and sticking her head out the window, making a trip to the pet store, chasing her tail, high-fiving, and playing tug-o-war with her stuffed animals.

Just like her fellow pack members!

Somehow along the way Rosie rose in the ranks and became the leader of this diverse pack. As one of the sisters told The Dodo:

“Rosie kind of leads the pack. Like, anywhere Rosies goes, they come with her and they act as her protectors,”

It must the double dose of attitude from her cat side and husky side that put her on top. Let’s just say that Rosie has a whole lot of sass.

Rosie has also helped to nurse and care for some of the rescue’s kittens. Just like Lilo took care of her! The sisters say they’ve learned a lot from adding Rosie to their pack, explaining:

“Their friendship teaches us that it’s OK to be friends with people and animals that are different from you,”

You can follow the adventures of Rosie and her pack on Instagram.

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