Cat sleeping inside a cuddly toy claw machine gets a rude awakening

A cat snoozing in an arcade in Turkey thought they had found the perfect place to nap; inside of a cuddly toy claw machine, until they got a rude awakening when they were disturbed by the descending claw.

A video showing the hilarious moment when the tortoiseshell kitty was awoken from their nap by someone trying to nab a toy, has garnered over 37,000 views.

I am not a toy!

In the video shared by The Daily Mail, the sleeping cat is at first difficult to spot as her furry body blends in perfectly with the soft toys that surround her. 

It’s not until the claw descends, aiming to reach a toy near the cat’s sleeping head, that the kitty unfurls and reveals herself. 

Clearly irritated at being disturbed from her nap, the sleepy pussy cat lashes out at the claw with her paws giving it a good whack for waking her from her dreams.

Back to napping

Although it seems like the disgruntled cat is about to take on the metal claw and attempt to knock it permanently out of action, the cat suddenly lets out a giant yawn, stretches lazily, and returns to her nap.

No information has been given on the cat or how she came to be within the arcade’s claw machine, but the relaxed kitty’s lackadaisical demeanor suggests that she is not in any distress and likely knows how to exit the machine.

Not the first time

As reported by the online publication The World, this is not the first time a curious kitty has found their way into a claw machine. 

In 2017, a Russian video surfaced that showed a long-haired tabby curled up inside a cuddly toy machine, lazily cleaning herself. The operator of this mechanical claw actually tries to snare the fluffy cat, a mission which he ultimately fails at.

In the end, he only succeeds at thoroughly irritating the feline who gives the metal claw several swipes to communicate the message that he would like to be left alone to groom in peace.

A YouTuber by the name of Carl Quion also uploaded a video of a cat lounging within a claw machine in an unnamed arcade.

This footage shows a ginger tabby relaxing inside of the machine as Quion playfully lowers the claw over the reclining cat, causing the tabby to irritatedly snap at it.

A ginger cat sits within a claw machine surrounded by toys, a metal claw hovers above its head.
The ginger cat that Carl Quion found inside the claw machine. Pic credit: Carl Quion/Facebook

Given how secluded and comfortable these machines filled with soft toys clearly are, it’s likely that we will see many more kitties napping inside of them in the future!

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