Tortoiseshell cat with six kittens

This pregnant kitty was so young, but she became an amazing mama to six kittens

When this kitty arrived at her new foster home, she was very pregnant. Her human foster mom was ready to help this kitty mom give birth to her kittens in a safe place. Young mom The foster mom, Lynn, knew that this cat was special. She was already going to be a mom, but she … Read more

Special needs kitten was given a week to live – now she’s 5 years old thanks to her amazing mom

When Mira was just four weeks old she was brought, along with her sister and birth mom, to be fostered at what would turn out to be her forever home. The kittens were not expected to live, the were severely sick with upper respiratory infections and had trouble breathing and feeding. “I was asked to … Read more

A tortoiseshell cat looks up at the camera.

A veterinary clinic shockingly gave a woman’s cat to someone else- the cat is now missing

A woman in Syndey Australia was left devastated when she was informed via text that her vet had released her cat to the wrong owner and her beloved cat was now nowhere to be found. Australian website 7 News reported on the shocking story, sharing that the cat’s owner Katie Matthews has been left reeling … Read more

A cat inside of a claw machine filled with soft toys.

Cat sleeping inside a cuddly toy claw machine gets a rude awakening

A cat snoozing in an arcade in Turkey thought they had found the perfect place to nap; inside of a cuddly toy claw machine, until they got a rude awakening when they were disturbed by the descending claw. A video showing the hilarious moment when the tortoiseshell kitty was awoken from their nap by someone … Read more

A tortoiseshell cat lying within a cage.

A kind bus driver saved a kitten, now she rides with him on every journey

A kind-hearted bus driver in the Philippines saved a stray kitten he spotted during one of his routes, now she joins him on every journey. Joel Basallote is a mini bus driver who has been working the Mandaue-Ayala route in the Cebu region of the Philippines for many years. Basallote thought he knew everything about … Read more