Prankster cat lures puppy inside closet and traps him

Milo, a playful cat, likes to trick his roommate, a house dog, into his owner’s closet — before closing the door on the hound.

The pair’s owner, Erica Longo, filmed the sassy cat playing one of his favorite games with her dog, Beckham. Without her intervention, who knows how long the gullible canine would have spent in that closet!

Milo the tabby puss has always been a certified prankster. His favorite victim? His canine sibling, Beckham, the golden retriever.

When the pup was smaller, Milo used to trick him into entering his crate. Once the clueless dog was inside the box, the sly cat would swiftly exit and shut the door behind him.

Erica previously shared the cat’s crate maneuver on TikTok, with the video going viral. Soon, as the golden retriever became significantly bigger than his feline friend, Milo had to devise a new plan: enter the closet trick.

Milo is caught red-handed

It took Erica some time to find out what her naughty cat had been up to. Finally, after noticing Beckham wasn’t coming into the living room to cuddle like he usually does, the woman decided to investigate.

An unaware Erica started looking for her dog around the apartment. After calling him in vain, she spotted the closet door half-opened.

When Erica opened the door, she discovered poor Beckham inside. Since Milo had pulled similar stunts in the past, he was the prime suspect in this case.

To ease her doubts, Erika set a camera to record Milo and Beckham, according to her TikTok. As it turned out, the footage established the wicked cat’s guilt.

The clip shows the cat entering the closet first, aware of the dog following his steps. Then, the curious puppy also passed the closet door to catch a glimpse of what his brother was doing.

At that point, a sneaky Milo leaves the closet and takes the time to shut the door behind with his tiny paw, leaving his comrade trapped.

Watch the entire scene below.

Fortunately, Beckham doesn’t stay trapped for long as his mistress Erica comes to his rescue. The woman opens the door to free her dog under Milo’s disapproving stare.

The cat is peeved by his owner interfering with his well-thought-out hoax. What a party pooper!

Despite his imprisonment, Beckham, the wholesome dog, remains placid. He harbors no hard feelings whatsoever towards Milo.

Meanwhile, since learning about Milo’s prank, Erica has taken extra precautions.

“We’ve been closing our bedroom door and all other doors when we’re not home,” she revealed to her followers in a subsequent post. “Milo can’t do this when we’re not around.”

If we were Erica, we wouldn’t be so sure of that because this astute feline can undoubtedly adapt.

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