Two cats sitting inside a fridge

Two cats love exploring strange places, including inside the fridge

Cats love to explore, and sometimes we find them in the strangest places. These two kitties are your average curious cats, and they love to explore everywhere, even inside the fridge! Explore everything! These two cats, Nagi and Karma, love to explore the strangest places. Their owner posted a picture on Reddit of them inside … Read more

A black cat head appears in hole in toilet commode.

This curious newly-adopted kitty became stuck in his new owners’ toilet: a rescue mission ensued

In 2018, in Memramcook, New Brunswick, Spirit, a black rescue kitten, got himself into a pickle when he trapped himself inside a toilet. Spirit had just been adopted and moved into a new house the day prior. When this cat explored his new surroundings, he ventured into the bathroom. This curious kitty left no stone … Read more