Cat walks into a heated TV debate and puts an end to it

During an intense debate regarding Indian politics, a cat made an appearance. The housecat’s interruption may have caused the speakers to lose their train of thought, but it undoubtedly lightened the tense mood.

Indian politician Shazia Ilmi and news anchor Arnab Goswami took part in a televised emission to talk about their country’s current affairs and political situation.

With Shazia having worked as a journalist before entering the political arena and Arnan in his position as editor-in-chief of the Republic press group, both speakers were well-versed in this activity.

If the panelists initially kept the discussion civil, things quickly got heated when they touched on a current scandal shaking the Indian political landscape: Liquorgate.

Liquorgate, as the name indicates, is in connection with suspected corruption in granting liquor licenses in New Delhi.

As a result, many local authorities and businessmen have been accused of violating liquor policies and subsequently put under investigation.

Editor Arnab Goswami had invited a group of analysts to debate this affair’s multiple twists and turns, captivating the media. The panelists joined the discussion via videoconference.

Yet, someone else got noticed during this exchange, a contributor that wasn’t particularly into politics.

A feline contributor joins the debate

In the middle of Shazia Ilmi’s discussion with another guest, Syed Asad Abbas, a brown cat sprang into her lap, shocking the commentators. Taken back by the disruption, all panelists stopped their exchange for a few seconds.

The puss lingered in his mistress’s arms for a while, and then mercurially went on to other pursuits. As reported by Republic Word, one could say Shazia Ilmi took the proverbial cat out of the bag.

Guest Syed Asad Abbas, who couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the spectacle, asked:

 “What is happening in today’s discourse? What is happening? What is this?”

Trying to regain his composure, the analyst sought to redirect the discussion to #BreakLiquorSilence. But the debate was once again sidetracked by the tufty ginger jiggling in Shazia Ilmi’s arms.

 Abbas burst out laughing and remarked:

“Okay now, Shazia Ji, you are distracting!” as the laughter subsided.

The panelist insisted on interrogating Shazia Ji with the question, “What are you doing?”

Shazia Ilmi, obviously pleased with her companion animal, shot back,

” You were quiet. You were stumped by the volley of facts that were presented. So I just wanted to make a point that the cat literally got your tongue”.

It’s not the first time a feline has interrupted a televised emission. These kittens just seem to love the small screen.

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