A cat is the center of attention at a soccer press conference in Colombia

In the current Colombian soccer Tournament, a team suffered a crushing defeat 4-1 against their opponent. Still, an intruding cat made the audience laugh during the subsequent press conference.

The video of the cat prancing around on the table at the media meeting quickly spread online.

Orsomarso, a Colombian second-division soccer team, is going through a rough patch. After a dismal season overall, a 4 to 1 home loss to rival club Leones on September 18th has not helped the team’s situation in the tournament.

As a result, the Valle del Cauca club is currently in last place. Following their disappointing performance, Orsomarso’s coach Victor Hugo Barón and midfielder Carlos Hernández held a press conference with journalists.

A gloomy mood reigned in the room when the coach and his leading player arrived. However, speakers, reporters, camera operators, and even broadcasters at the event were caught off guard by an unexpected guest.

Out of the blue, a stray calico cat walked over to the desk in front of the cameras, interrupting the event. The animal’s presence understandably drew everyone’s attention.

A stray cat steals the show

After being petted by both the coach and the player, the curious cat decided to have a grooming session on the spot.

Under the watchful gaze of the audience, who could not help but giggle, the kitten gathered the necessary materials for his self-care moment. Take a look at the funny intrusion below:

Because the uninvited guest seemed to have settled on the table, the camera crew opted to blur him out of the rest of the broadcast not to distract watchers.

A clip of the cat’s appearance made its way onto online and television channels. The public’s reaction was unanimously positive.

On Youtube, @Nataly Vega wrote:

“jajajajajajaja, I just came in to look at the kitten.”

@151621 remarked:

“the cameraman was embarrassed or ordered to focus on the technician, and still the cat looked for the camera.”

Despite the gravity of their situation, Orsomarso representatives welcomed the temporary distraction. Moreover, the cat’s popularity among the crowd made the speakers feel at ease.

Coach Victor Barón Rosales has expressed his desire to perform better in their next match against the Bogotá club. Furthermore, he hopes that the fur ball will bestow onto his group inspiration and good fortune.

Even if the Orsomarso football club didn’t make a mark with their exploits this season, the organization still received international coverage thanks to the sneaky calico feline.

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