Cathoven shows musical prowess in a funny clip

Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert, these music geniuses, have enchanted our ears for years with their exquisite melodies. Unfortunately, no modern musician has reached the perfection level exhibited by the composers above. But someone is now up for the challenge. Introducing Cathoven, the feline with magic paws.

Most felines sleep, groom, and play games with their friends. Not this puss. He has long discovered his paws could do so much more than that. The cat has set his eyes on the majestic wooden piano standing in the living piano. Cathoven now delights his family with his sonata. A true master of his craft. 

A video released by TikTok user @miizaaxx illustrates the orange cat’s impressive keyboard prowess. Humans usually sit on the keys bed’s side of the piano, not Cathoven. That’s for beginners. The feline plays while standing on the piano’s lid. In the video, the virtuoso stretches his long paws to grave the keyboard and fill the room with music. 

 The truth behind Cathoven

All jokes aside, this cat didn’t intend to produce a work of art. What occurred is that the tomcat attempted to leave the lid he was sitting on when he jumped onto the keys. The resulting noise probably startled our poor kitty, prompting him to go sideways and touch more keys. The orange feline then struggled to find solid support to cling on with slightly slippery piano keys. At the end of the clip, viewers can witness his panicked reaction hence his desperate jump. 

After filming her kitty’s reaction, the entertained owner undoubtedly added a vibrant soundtrack to the film, giving the impression that the puss was playing the instrument.

The video posted on June 16 has already raked more than 55 million views and 10 million likes. A home run, as football fans would say. Viewers worldwide left positive remarks in the comments section likening the cat to famous composers such as Beethoven.

@paulinhasantosa48 gushed: “this is the original Beethoven🤣.”

@fkkt _it made a clever pun with a famous Beethoven melody stating: “Meowlight sonata.” 

While some users realized that the music was not really coming from the cat, others were fooled by the clever montage.

@Carolina_Dias said: “Accidentally created a masterpiece.”

User jonascosta_91  admitted falling for the trick: “I thought this was already the original 🥺 I am very deluded 😂😂😂😂”

In response to popular demand, the original poster @miizaaxx finally put an end to any confusion when she uploaded the following video with the actual sound emitted by the piano.

The Portuguese-speaking user professed: “KAKKKKAAKAAKKA, sorry guys, but you asked me to post the original, sorry for deceiving you.”

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