Cat potty trained himself to use the toilet

Pussycats are clever little creatures who will never stop surprising their companions. There seem to be no limits to what they can do.

User @tunalemon recently shocked Reddit when he a picture featuring his cat on a toilet. And it was no meme or inside joke, in reality, the cat has potty trained himself. Yes, you read it right.

The owner captioned the image with the description, “Finding out that my cat potty trained himself.”  As expected, Reddit users were awestruck by the story, the image has since received more than 22,000 upvotes. 

Everyone is aware of the difficulty of potty training babies, thus, the fact that this cat understood the process on his own is impressive. Users headed to the comments section to share their opinions and congratulate both cat and owner.

However, a few Redditors expressed a reasonable amount of doubt over this image, after all, on the internet, hoaxes and fake news are a mainstay.  

But the Reddit poster clarified, insisting the feline has never been trained. “He’s actually an outside cat. I’m 100 percent convinced he learned from watching me since he loves occupying me while I use the bathroom,” they wrote. “For the record, I have absolutely no extra time to toilet train a cat.”

Others also supported his claim, stating their felines had achieved similar progress.

Can you potty train your cat?

According to experts, teaching your feline to use the restroom is feasible, although you’ll need a lot of treats and persistence to succeed.

Pet owners consider this possibility due to the obvious advantages: no litter box odor, no pebbles or gravel underfoot, and no scooping. To do so, cat owners can hire the services of a pet trainer or do it by themselves. 

If they choose the second option, several books and tools are available to help cat parents “educate” their kitties. For example, Paul Kunkel’s “How to Toilet Train, Your Cat” promises success in 21 days.

With that being said, the toilet training method also faces criticism. According to Pet Finder, Many vets think teaching your pet to use the bathroom goes against their innate need to dig, eliminate, and cover. We lay down litter in the first place because cats instinctually bury their waste.

Besides, toilet training means owners can no longer monitor changes in frequency or volume in their cat’s urine, a crucial indicator of the cat’s health. 

Cat parents will have to analyze the pros and cons before making a decision.

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