Kitten loses leg in a car engine and receives the surgery he needs

This kitten needed a lot of help when he was rescued. He had lost part of his leg and needed to have surgery.

According to Jessica Thompson, a cat foster mom and veterinarian, the kitten was hiding in a very dangerous place in a car when he was rescued. She said:

“He thought an engine was a great place to hide until he lost half his leg.”

The kitten was called Monty. Although he had lost part of his leg in the car engine, he had come to the right place. Jessica was more than qualified to give him the medical care that he needed, in addition to all the love and attention he could want.

Monty was still a happy kitten. Jessica said:

“[He’s] so sweet and happy given [his] circumstances.”

Monty’s surgery

Monty stayed at the foster home for a few days before his surgery. Right before his surgery, he gave himself a bath, licking his adorable kitten tummy until he was all clean and ready to go. It was as if he knew he was preparing for something important.

Monty’s leg was infected, so he would need the surgery to remove the leg completely. He did a great job getting through his surgery and recovering afterward. Jessica said:

“He was a champ and recovered so well. He’s back home chilling with his foster brothers.”

Lots of love

Even though Monty had lost his leg, he was still such a positive, healthy, and happy kitten. When Jessica posted about his story on Instagram, the people who saw it sent lots of love his way.

One commenter was reminded of their own cat:

“I’m crying because this makes me imagine how my baby girl lost her paw before we found her. All the best to this beautiful boy.”


Other commenters also wished Monty the best in his future:

 “God bless this little precious kitten. Please help him to walk again with confidence and live a totally happy life.”


They also thanked Jessica for taking care of Monty. It is because of people like her that kittens like Monty can receive the help they need.

We hope that Monty lives his best life. He has one less leg now, but hopefully that won’t get in the way of all the fun times and happiness he’ll have in the future.

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