White fluffy cat

After a two-year journey of ups and downs, Quincy the special needs cat found his home

Quincy the cat was first brought to Pumpkin Patch Rescue by his foster mom, Mel, in early 2020. Like all of Mel’s fosters, Quincy was a special needs kitty. But Mel was ready to help him with everything he needed, including helping him socialize and overcome his anxiety. After a few weeks, Quincy had already … Read more

Aoife is a disabled cat whose owners make sure she keeps living her best life

Aoife (pronounced EE-fa) was named by her foster mom, and she chose Aoife because it means beautiful in Irish. When Aoife was initially rescued as a kitten, it was thought that she had flat kitten syndrome and an inguinal hernia, both of which can be fatal illness. But it turned out she had a bad … Read more

People from around the world helped this cat with a fused jaw get the help she needed

Smiley was rescued as a kitten after being found in a storm drain. She was taken to a rescue group called Whisker Town Cats in Florida, USA, where it was discovered that not only did she have an obvious cleft upper lip, but a jaw that was fused together too. This meant that she couldn’t … Read more

This woman and her 19-year-old cat are soulmates – she’s taking care of him until the very end

Kuschel is a 19-year old cat from Germany who is living out his retirement years with his soulmate and owner, Leoni. Leoni has had Kuschel since she was four-years-old, and they’ve rarely spent a night apart since. “As soon as he was with us in the car, I completely fell in love with him.” Leoni … Read more

A kitten’s mother tried to ‘eliminate’ him – but he was rescued just in time

This kitten, delightfully named Noggin, was born earlier this year. His mother was most likely very stressed when he was born, which caused her to injure him by over-licking his delicate little head. Unfortunately, this behavior from mother cats towards their kittens can be common if they feel threatened or if there is an underlying … Read more

Special needs cat Peanut is an internet celebrity thanks to his lovable ‘bunny ears’

Peanut’s owner Sydney adopted him back in 2020 after he was rescued from a hoarding situation. She was already living with her roommates black cat named Apollo, and decided she wanted a cat that would be her own. Sydney had always wanted to adopt a special needs cat. “I’ve always wanted to be able to … Read more