Cheeky cat goes missing and returns with a bill for the fish he ate while he was away

A cat disappeared for three days and returned home with a strange letter attached to his neck. The written message mentioned a debt amassed by the pussy cat.

Cats are self-reliant animals who love to explore their surroundings. But, sadly, these independent kitties sometimes forget to return home, much to their owner’s apprehension.

In 2020 an incident involving a roaming cat occurred in Thailand. The worried cat’s owner hadn’t seen his tabby for three days.

Considering that his pet loved to wander, the owner hoped it would eventually return. And he was right; the nomadic kitty came back, but with a surprise.

An intriguing letter

In a local Facebook group, the Thai owner published photographs of his plump cat with the comment,

“Disappeared from home for three days and returned with a debt. #catslaves.”

The cat arrived at its owner’s house wearing a brand-new collar that bore a note. Upon inspection, the owner learned that the letter came from the neighborhood’s manager of a mackerel shop.

The humorous message read:

“Because I noticed that your cat couldn’t stop looking at the mackerels in my shop, I decided to give him three of them Aunty May at an alley no. 2”

At the bottom of Aunty May’s tag, the mackerel seller had written her phone number for the owner to call. Therefore, on top of having spent hours trying to locate his naughty kitty, the owner had an awaiting debt to pay for the mackerels his cat ate.

In this instance, his use of the aforementioned hashtag “cat slaves” is entirely warranted.

Going global

While the cat owner was musing about his mischievous cat, his post spread around the internet. Relayed by various outlets, the story gave readers a good laugh.

People thought the whole tale adorable, several users even offered to help the owner pay the mackerel bill.

Furthermore, many pet owners who also considered themselves #catslaves chimed in. They noticed how the guilty puss was playing coy when he returned.

It’s possible that Aunty May wanted the owner to pay for the mackerels, but there’s no certainty. She might have left her number to reassure the cat parent.

Similarly, she could just be a woman with a great sense of humor pulling a prank on the kitty’s owner.

His shock aside, the cat owner was very relieved to find his tomcat safe and sound. Even so, he didn’t mention whether he paid his debt.

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