This adorable cat acted as the ringbearer at his owners’ wedding

Weddings are about family and loved ones. A cat had the privilege of being an active participant in his owners’ special day as he bore the wedding rings.

In 2021, Diana Gonzalez, 36, and Nicholas Edward Donatelli, 27, decided to tie the knot. The couple carefully planned their ceremony, picking the catering, the florist, etc.

When it came to the critical role of the ringbearer, Diana and Nicholas had already made their choice: it would be their six-year-old cat Moose.

In addition, to avoid any jealousy, the couple’s second kitten, Lily, would act as a flower girl. Diana and Nicholas had long planned to include their pets in their wedding. The bride said:

“We had a no children wedding, but wanted to include our fur babies so I was just thinking how do we do this?”

The feline ringbearer steals the show

To ensure that Moose was appropriately attired for the occasion, they bought the shorthair a bespoke salmon-colored bow tie and tuxedo.

The ceremony was held in a beautiful venue in Chauncey, New Jersey, with 110 guests attending the event. Once the couple got their kitten out from under their bed at the apartment, they dressed him in his outfit.  

Although the bride’s entrance is usually the most anticipated wedding moment, Moose the ringbearer, definitely upstaged his owners.

Besides, Moose went down the grassy aisle not walking but in his own carrier. Richard, Diana’s brother-in-law, was more than glad to accompany the cat to the event.

 Diana reflected on the meticulous planning, stating to Metro:

” I googled it and saw the pet carrier. We ordered it a few months before the wedding, and we couldn’t get him away from it, it worked out perfectly. “

Indeed, the feline was a major hit with guests, he got an overwhelmingly positive reception from the attendees of the wedding on social media.

After Richard the brother-in-law posted pictures of Moose on Twitter, commenters were charmed.

First, @ninocipri wrote:

” Oh my god, what a dapper gentlecat!!

Elsewhere @BeckySFriedman jokingly declared:

“I would like this cat to officiate at my wedding. I’m not engaged or anything; I just want to make my wishes known.”

According to Nicolas, the groom, the moggy, was a fantastic sport about his participation in the wedding. Furthermore, Moose appeared to enjoy the attention.

 Nicholas continued by saying:

“I’m thankful to everyone who got a kick out of it and enjoyed it, Moose going viral is just the cherry on top of getting married.”

 Lastly, everything went smoothly, and Moose performed admirably, pleasing his parents. No attendees will forget this particular wedding.

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