This sanctuary rescued an abused hairless Sphynx cat that was being used for profit

According to Zenger News, in April 2022, a cat named Kiko, aged eleven, was brought to safety in the Fylde Coast Cats sanctuary in Blackpool, Lancs.

The sanctuary rescued this hairless female sphynx cat who was a victim of constant breeding for money by its owner.

Kiko and her nine-year-old son, Nim, arrived in poor condition, appearing ill and dirty. The female Sphynx cat was a victim of endless breeding by the former owner for massive profits. The mother bred and produced more than seventy kittens.

Each kitten was sold for up to £2,000 each, at that rate, the owners profited over £140,000 from this abuse.

Safe at last

Both cats brought to the sanctuary were suffering from feline calicivirus, which is a virus that causes oral disease and breathing issues.

Additionally, Kiko’s excessive breeding caused her to have a large skin fold covering her back paws. Her son, Nim, suffered from bloody gums and underwent surgery with a complete tooth extraction.

A woman holding two Sphynx cats in each hand smiling.
Kiko (left) and Nim (right) are in safe hands at the sanctuary. Pic Credit: Zenger News/Website

Unfortunately, both Sphynx felines were in poor health, they each had early kidney disease and the potential for other heart disease and skin infections.

Because of their health challenges getting the cats rehomed and adopted presents a challenge. However, the sanctuary remains hopeful that with the right experienced cat owner, Kiko and Nim will be able to find a loving home to comfortably live out their remaining years with proper tender loving care.

A special breed

Sphynx cats are an exceptional breed. They have unique needs compared to other domesticated cats.

Due to the hairless skin of a Sphynx cat, they are prone to get cold quickly, burn in the sun, and require bathing more often.

Potential cat owners are encouraged to do their due diligence and research about the breed of a cat before adopting.

There is power in knowledge which helps one become a better cat parent.

A sphynx cat standing with stretched stomach pouch hanging.
Formerly abused cat Kiko has an extended pouch on her stomach due to excessive breeding. Pic credit: Zenger News/Website

Wrap up

A female Sphynx cat was taken advantage of and bred for profit by her former owner. Both she and her son were rescued by a sanctuary and given a second chance at a better life.

Animals, like humans, deserve respect, love, and compassion. Fortunately, these Sphynx cats escaped a life of abuse and were gifted an opportunity to start a new chapter in peace.

Learn more about the importance of protecting animals from abuse from the Humane Society.

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