Clingy orange kitten is his foster mom’s favorite

Dannielle, an animal foster, had several litters of kittens to take care of. But Lennar was her favorite, and he knew it.

Every time Dannielle would walk into the room where the foster kittens stayed, Lennar would come straight for her, ignoring everything else, and demand snuggles. When she called him out on his attention stealing, he would just make a face at her as if to say, “Me? I’m just getting the attention I deserve.”

We certainly don’t see anything wrong with giving Lennar lots of love, and Dannielle didn’t either. She said:

“This dude is THE clingiest–and let’s be real, I love it.”

Lennar’s beginning

Dannielle had a crazy week when she got two litters of sick kittens. The first litter came in a bad state, and only one kitten made it. The second litter also needed a lot of help, since they were covered in fleas. One of these kittens passed away overnight.

Despite this rough start, the rest of the kittens pulled through. They had amazing appetites and grew up healthy and strong.

One of these kittens was Lennar, an orange tabby bundle of love. Dannielle knew that she wasn’t supposed to have favorites, but just a few days into his foster stay with her, she knew that he was secretly her favorite. She said:

“If you know me, you know I have a weakness for orange bois, and this little guy is just a total CHONK o love.”

Hand holding small orange tabby kitten
Who could resist baby Lennar? Pic credit: @centralflfosters/Instagram

Attention stealer

As Lennar grew up, he only became more of an attention stealer. Whenever Dannielle was spending time with him and his siblings, Lennar would always make sure that he was up front and center, even if that meant climbing on her.

Sometimes, it seemed like he was more invested than the other kittens in everything Dannielle did or said. Most of the time, it just seemed like he thought he should get all the love and attention, instead of his siblings.

Breaking up

Dannielle posted Lennar’s journey on her Instagram. In pictures on one of her posts, Lennard looked absolutely shocked. Dannielle was breaking up with him! The caption said:

“You’re breaking up with me because I’m too… BLONDE?!?”

Surprised orange tabby kitten with paw over its mouth
Lennar is shocked that Dannielle is breaking up with him. Pic credit: @centralflfosters/Instagram

No, Dannielle would never break up with Lennar for such a silly reason. He had been adopted into another family who would give him all the love and attention he was always asking for.

Although Lennar was Dannielle’s favorite for a time and she would be sad to see him go, she was still happy that he and the other kittens had found their forever homes. She said:

“Fostering these kiddos from tiny beans to strong little snuggle bugs has been an absolute pleasure, and is most certainly THE BEST birthday week present I could get!!”

We are 100% certain that wherever Lennar is now, he’s still an attention stealer, and we’re sure that his new family loves it!

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