Shelter staff was asked what cat they would take home

These shelter workers were asked what cat they would take home from the shelter if they had to choose one. Everyone seemed to have their favorite, and it wasn’t ever the same cat. Their responses were so sweet, showing lots of love to many of the shelter cats. 

The Tri-County Animal Rescue is a nonprofit animal shelter in Florida. They have a 100% no-kill policy, rescuing any animal in need and providing a safe haven until they are adopted, no matter how long that takes.

According to their website, they have saved over 80,000 domestic animals. Some of these were scheduled to be put down before their rescuers swooped in and saved the day.

Favorite cats

At the shelter, they truly love all of the animals under their care, although it’s true that many of the workers have favorites. In a couple of videos posted on their TikTok, each staff member was asked what animals they would choose if they had to take one home.

The first video focused on the dogs of the shelter. Then, after one commenter requested it, they posted a new video a few days later asking what the staff member’s favorite cats were.

So did one just cat win everybody’s vote? No way! There was plenty of love to spread around for a bunch of the shelter’s kitties. Each staff member chose a different cat, and each cat looked absolutely irresistible and sweet. We guess they wouldn’t have to fight over any of them if they really did have to take them home!


But the staff couldn’t adopt every cat they loved, or they’d end up with too many cats. So their job was to show other people how great these kitties were and find families that would adopt them. The video did a great job of showcasing these wonderful cats. Now, all of them have been adopted!

Only a couple days after the video was made, Larry the cat was adopted. He had been one of the staff picks, but now he was in his forever home, ready to be loved and spoiled. In a post announcing his adoption on Instagram, Tri-County Animal Rescue said:

“We have so many cats and kittens here who are still waiting for their turn. They want their chance to be spoiled with toys and beds!”

Woman holds orange tabby kitten
Larry with his new cat mom. Pic credit: @tricountyanimalrescuefl/Instagram

Tri-County Animal Rescue’s work is never finished. As long as there are animals who need homes, they will help them. And there are still so many cats in shelters around the world who are waiting for their forever homes. As the video showed, these cats are ready to be loved and just need their chance to be adopted.

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