Courage the cat finds a loving home after surviving a terrible attack

In 2018, Courage the cat suffered a terrible attack by human hands. Courage used to live in a colony on an older gentleman’s property, the man cared for the feral cats in his area, keeping them fed and giving them shelter.

Courage had gone missing for a few days, and when she came back she was shockingly injured. It was clear that someone had cut off her ears and tail. The cuts were clearly made by a blade, meaning it couldn’t have been an accident.

Black cat with no ears cut back.
Courage survived the ordeal thanks to her loving caretaker. Pic credit: @couragecatofficial/Instagram.


We’ll never know who did this horrible cruelty to her, her wounds were treated and she continued to live outside on the older man’s property, thankfully, nothing like this happened again.

But soon the older man could no longer keep caring for the colony and so a local rescue took in the cats that lived on his property, Courage was among them.

Courage was taken straight to a foster home where she got to live inside for the first time in her life.

She took to inside living straight away, and turned out to be a little love bug despite her earlier trauma.

After a few surgeries to fix some dental issues, and malformed eyelids that she had since birth, she was ready to be adopted!

Family time

Courage was adopted by a loving family that came with three new feline siblings!

Older sisters Emma and Frida (sadly now passed at the time of writing), and big brothers Tyson and Ashton welcomed her to her new home, and soon it was like she had always lived there.

Black cat cuddling beside a white and grey cat
Courage cuddling with her brother Ashton in a cat bed. Pic credit: @couragecatofficial/Instagram.

Courage never has to worry about being cruelly treated again, she is now safe and sound in her forever home.

And she still gets to go outside and soak up the sun just like old times, only now she is happier and healthier.

A black cat rubbing against a stone turtle in a garden.
Courage outside in her garden rubbing herself into a stone turtle. Pic credit: @couragecatofficial/Instagram.

Courage was abused by some horrible person, but she never let that get in the way of loving anyone else who came into her life. Her story is proof of the resilience, and love that cats have to give us.

A black cat with no ears.
The beautiful, resilient Courage has been spoiled ever since she was adopted, and rightly so! Pic credit: @couragecatofficial/Instagram.

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