Diva cat steals the show from opera singer owner

A kitten’s musical abilities are sending Tiktok into a frenzy. A video of the diva cat vocalizing to an opera tune with his owner left viewers thrilled by the impromptu performance.

After Cathoven, cat singer Maximino is taking over social media. It all started when cat owner @maura.music decided to do a little singing practice.

Maura is a classically trained musician. Hailing from Mexico, the young woman moved to the US for her studies years ago.

She then spent a decade honing her skills in the classical music field. After graduating from a top school, she joined a choir as a singer before becoming a choir director.

“The last time I sang with a legit opera company was back in 2018 when I was getting my music degree,” she said.

When she’s not guiding others, Maura likes to sing some of her favorite operas. The director admitted to Newsweek that she sometimes misses performing since her transition to the choir director.

Diva cat makes a grand entrance

Listening to Maura’s singing sessions must have rubbed on her cat Maximino. The kitten surprisingly took over while the woman was practicing.

The choir director posted an old video of her cat’s sing-along. In the clip, a lone Maura starts singing an aria (opera tune).

Suddenly, Maximino shows up from nowhere, strolling in front of the camera. Maura tries to get him out of the way, but the cat doesn’t comply.

Besides, to his owner’s amazement, the cat starts to meow, following the music. Maximino appears to continue singing from the point where Maura had stopped off.

The video came to an end as the cat “sang” along to the music for a bit longer before he turned away from the camera and walked away.

The cat performance completely broke Maura, who couldn’t stop laughing. Titktokers clearly shared her hilarity as the video registered more than five million views in less than a week.

@maura.music explained that the video had been recorded for some time and was sitting in her camera roll. So she finally uploaded it.

According to Maura, Maximino is a very talkative cat, unafraid to raise his voice. As a result, he can get quite loud to win her attention. She explained,

“He has a great appreciation for music, and the only way I can persuade him to follow me is by whistling some of his favorite tunes.”

The diva cat enthused the viewers of @maura.music’s video. However, the consensus is that Maximino upstaged Maura with his vocals.

User @Kat wrote of the cat’s appearance:

“he’s like, move over let me show you how it’s done.”

People teasingly recommended that Maura send her puss to singing academies:

@Amelia Hines exclaimed:

“He said WE are making it to Juilliard.”

Honestly, Maximino would probably fit right in the famed school.

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