Fisher the boating master cat mentors his new little brother

Fisher the Maine Coon is a water-loving cat that has taken social media by storm. He has been delighting his followers with his boating, swimming, and tubing adventures for the past three years.

Now Fisher has a new little brother who is learning the ropes, and Fisher is an amazing big brother and mentor.

Fisher in the water

Fisher was first adopted in early 2019 when he was a kitten. His owners, Finn and Lorraine, love to go boating, so they specifically wanted a breed of cat that would be comfortable around water.

Fisher is a Maine Coon, a breed that is known to love water, so this fluffy orange kitten was the perfect fit!

Finn and Lorraine started training Fisher as soon as they could, they gradually introduced him to water and water toys in ways that were fun and easy for him.

One of their training methods was to place a small kiddie pool in the living room, fill it with a small amount of water, and place a toy inside. Fisher could learn how to love the water and have some fun playing at the same time!

Fisher also went on his first boat ride, swim, inner tubing trip, and many other activities. Now, after three years, Fisher is a pro adventure cat who’s enjoying his amazing life.

Fisher’s big challenge

But early in 2022, things became complicated. Fisher’s owners found a lump on his side. When he was taken to the vet, he was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer.

Since then, he has faced his journey of treatment of recovery like a champion. He has had good days and bad days, but throughout all of them, he has continued to enjoy his adventurous life and receive support from all his family, friends, and fans.

A long-haired ginger cat sits on a pile of envelopes.
Fisher reads all of his get-well-soon letters. Pic credit: @fisherthemainecoon/Instagram

Sailor joins the crew

About a month after Fisher’s battle began, he got another surprise…a good one. His owners adopted another Maine Coon kitten: his new little brother, Sailor!

Fisher has been a wonderful big brother. Not only has he taught Sailor important cat things like how to play with toys, watch birds, and drink out of the sink, but he has also helped Sailor with his training to become another water adventure cat.

Since Fisher is so experienced, he makes an excellent mentor. Sailor has already learned so much, getting through his water training and going on his own boat rides and swims.

Now Fisher and Sailor are an inseparable pair of water kitties. We’re excited to see what future adventures they will have together!

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