Person holding brown tabby kitten, who looks like he's smiling

Orphan kitten who was all alone made friends in his new foster home

When this kitten came to his foster home, he was an orphan kitten who was all alone. But as he grew up, he made new friends in his foster home and acted as a friend and mentor for other foster kittens. Alone Gator was a tiny kitten who was all alone. He was a stray … Read more

Black and white dog and tabby cat cuddle together

Harvey the chunky cat becomes best friends with his annoying puppy brother

Harvey was a rescue cat who needed to get back in shape. When he first met his new puppy brother, Blu, he wasn’t amused, but then Blu became one of his best friends and started helping him exercise. Hurricane cat Harvey was named after the hurricane that swept through Texas in 2017. He was left … Read more

Two kitten brothers

Foster kitten brothers overcome their disabilities and are adopted together

Two kitten brothers, Fettuccine and Alfredo, also known as the Noodle Boys, had a difficult foster journey, but they made it through everything together and are now in the forever home of their dreams. A rough start The two kittens were rushed to their foster mom, Jordan, in a state of emergency. When they arrived, … Read more

Black cat hugs an orange tabby cat

Cat brothers Simon and Sabastian were so cuddly they had to be adopted together

Simon and Sabastian, a bonded pair of cat brothers, were always hugging each other. Their owner couldn’t help but adopt them both together and let them keep cuddling for the rest of their lives. The cuddling strategy Colleen Green, Simon and Sabastian’s owner, first met the cats through her friend, who had recently bought a … Read more

Orange cat and gray cat sit on a boat

Fisher the boating master cat mentors his new little brother

Fisher the Maine Coon is a water-loving cat that has taken social media by storm. He has been delighting his followers with his boating, swimming, and tubing adventures for the past three years. Now Fisher has a new little brother who is learning the ropes, and Fisher is an amazing big brother and mentor. Fisher … Read more