Fitness cat begs owner to start the treadmill for his workout

As any cat owner or admirer will attest, feline companions can be quite demanding. And their owners often go out of their way to cater to their every desire.

One owner recently shared that her ” fitness cat,” Leonardo, enjoys running on the treadmill. We learn via @leoelmamalon’s TikTok channel.

In a video, the feline’s owner pleads for a break from the gym routine.  You see the Spanish-speaking woman telling her pet off as the kitty is seen meowing from the top of a treadmill.

“I told you no! Tomorrow I’m going to let you do it in the morning. Now it’s too late, you’re almost going to sleep,”

 We watch as he insists, even as the cat parent tries to persuade the pet that too much walking can do some harm. Yet, the kitten isn’t receptive to the advice spouted by his human.

Leo even turns to the back of the machine because he knows how his owner usually launches the device.

Faced with the spotted kitten’s tenacity, the owner falls for Leo’s persistent meowing and walks over to the treadmill to switch it on. The fitness cat has won.

His owner turns on the machine and programs it to a slow walking pace for the cat. Then, she tells Leo, “I sit and watch you, and you do your workouts,”

A happy Leo is strutting on his treadmill as his mistress supervises the routine.

Posted on October 25, the fitness cat video blew up on Tiktok. More than five and a half million users have watched it. Over seven hundred gave the comical clip a like.

Leo is the fitness inspiration we needed

People were amused by the kitten’s dedication to a healthy lifestyle. @Alejandra exclaimed:

“Hahaha no way, the cat has more motivation than me to exercise.”

A user named Antonio has a different theory on the feline’s real motive.  He wrote:

“Everyone thinking that he wants to do gym and the cat imagines himself on the catwalk of victorias secrets😂”

@MonseLeon had a more scientific take on Leo’s reaction.

“You know that cats are very routine-oriented and if you don’t do one thing they are used to in the day, they get stressed.” She commented

Leo’s mistress agrees with this last comment explaining that when she lets Leo do his little night workout, he allows her sleep at night in return.

Apart from the treadmill, Leo also practices other activities with his feline sibling, a black cat called Felipe.

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