Yuumi is a supermodel cat who is stunning, but also very funny

Meet Yuumi, a beautiful cat who acts like a supermodel. She is so pretty and graceful that no one could resist her charm.

Yuumi the star

Yuumi’s owner posts pictures on Reddit, showing off how beautiful and photogenic her cat is.

Even when Yuumi was still a kitten, she was already showing off her supermodel skills. This picture was taken when Yummi was less than a year old. Her owner posted it to Reddit with the caption:

“Yuumi showing off her long model legs.”

Other Reddit users were amazed by how stunning she looked. On commenter said:

“That pose! Those eyes! What a star!”

White cat posing with legs stretched out
Yuumi showed off her supermodel skills when she was a kitten. Pic credit: u/aereeka/Reddit

Supermodel cat

As Yuumi grew older, she kept being a star, and her owner kept taking brilliant pictures of her. For example, she took this picture that captured the beauty of Yuumi’s green eyes.

White cat with green eyes
Yuumi has such stunning green eyes. Pic credit: u/aereeka/Reddit

Yuumi also has the sweetest little kitty smile, like in this picture.

White cat with flower collar smiling
Yuumi has such a sweet and gentle smile. Pic credit: u/aereeka/Reddit

She looks so sweet and pretty in both pictures. We just want to give her perfect pink nose a boop.

Yuumi has a kitty sister named Lillia, who is also a very pretty kitty. Lillia was a rescue cat, but now she was living a good life in her new home.

Her owner described her as her “supermodel baby” who had come “from the streets to the catwalk.” Now she’s living her best life and getting excellent pictures taken just like her sister Yuumi.

Tabby cat with big eyes and a bell collar
Lillia is very photogenic, just like her sister, Yuumi. Pic credit: u/aereeka/Reddit

Yuumi’s funny side

Yuumi and Lillia aren’t exclusively supermeowdels, though. In fact, some of the pictures their owner takes show them being funny and weird.

For example, Yuumi likes to flop around on the floor just as much as any other cat. One day she was relaxing and rolling around in a doorway, and she yawned.

Her owner managed to catch a picture of her in the middle of the yawn, producing a result that is just a little bit frightening.

Scary white cat with mouth open wide, lying in a doorway
Yuumi looks like a hallway gremlin in this picture. She might eat your ankles if you try to walk by! Pic credit: u/aereeka/Reddit

It’s hard to imagine that this is the same cat with the perfectly sweet smile from before! But it really is Yuumi. It just really shows her range as a photo model.

She has also been caught sitting in some pretty weird ways, like this one time her owner got a picture of her with her feet curled.

White cat with front feet curled, looking like she is flexing
Is Yuumi showing off her muscles in this picture? Pic credit: u/aereeka/Reddit

She looks absolutely hilarious, like a bodybuilder. Her owner posted the photo with the caption:

“Why is my cat flexing on me?”

Yuumi is obviously showing off. Maybe she’s not just a pretty face. Maybe she’s super strong too!

Whether Yuumi and her sister Lillia are being graceful or funny, we still love all their pictures.

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