Rescue cats living in a vet hospital love playing nurse to other patients

Six former stray cats had the chance of being rescued. Brought to the Looking Ahead veterinary hospital, the kittens showed endearing behavior.

They took it upon themselves to support the animals coming to the facility, petting and reassuring them.  One of them was so good at it that the hospital nicknamed her Nurse Bea.

Bea arrived at the hospital as an injured stray kitten. Her tail was damaged and needed treatment; otherwise, the kitten would lose it completely.

The staff did their possible to help the kitty heal and find her footing. Unlike many animals, Bea didn’t show much apprehension.

She swiftly made herself at home in the medical center. This feline loved her new environment even though it was a hospital.

Reciprocally, the staff adored Bea. Who wouldn’t? she was an affectionate and friendly puss.

Her recovery progressed, and the Look Ahead clinic decided that the kitten belonged to the establishment. Bea became one of the first kittens the facility adopted.

The experience with Bea was so beneficial that the staff continued the process. Soon, five other cats joined Bea in the halls of the building.

The clinic welcomes additional rescue cats

Among them was Uno, a one-eyed kitty with character. Brown tabby cat Elfie tabby had three legs, but it didn’t prevent her from dashing through the corridors.

Brown-and-white OJ had his favorite spot: the clinic’s reception. His habit of lounging on the entry desk made him the clinic’s unofficial doorman.

Then, there was lazy Theo, known for the dramatic positions he adopted while napping. Finally, the brood’s younger member was Peggy, a black-and-white cat with a distinctive haircoat.

Quickly, Bea took little Peggy under her wings, helping her settle in her new home. Apart from her siblings, Bea also showered temporary patients with love.

The cat loved farm animals. She would stand close to their cages, keeping them company or slipping a paw through the intervals to caress them.

Bea’s behavior seems to have rubbed off on some of the other cats. In this manner, Uno is the designated puppy sitter.

Furthermore, Peggy is developing an affinity with piglets.

Keeping six roaming pusses in a clinic is not always easy. Each of the kittens had their personalities and sometimes loved to tease staff.

When they are not watching the animal patients, chewing pencils, playing with the nurses’ hair, and taking custody of computers’ keyboards are some of the rescued cats’ daily mischief.

Still, the Looking Ahead staff ensures the pets felt at ease and, more importantly, loved. As a result, nurse Bea and her disabled brothers and sisters now have a caring family.

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