Have you met Maru? – the cat that likes to squeeze into small places

Maru is a 15-year-old grey and white Scottish fold cat from Japan with a proclivity for squeezing into tight spaces.

Maru has always had a playful personality.

His owner has been taking videos of him and posting them on YouTube since he was a kitten, as seen in the video below.

Maru’s antics continue to this day with a dedicated following of over eight hundred thousand subscribers on Youtube.

Maru’s owner has also adopted two other cats named Hana and Miri who sometimes join him in his shenanigans.

But Maru remains the true star.

If he fits, he sits

Maru fills up a bucket. Pic credit: @maruhanamoogu/Instagram.

Maru loves to squeeze inside any small space, and his owner makes sure that there are plenty of them available for him. His owner often sets up obstacle courses and makes holes in boxes so that Maru and his friends can play around in them.

Sometimes he does get stuck though…

But no need to fret, Maru’s owner takes good care of their cats.

So much so that they do not allow other people to film or take videos of Maru and his siblings.

Their owner is adamant about the well-being of their beloved cats and does everything to keep them safe from exploitation.

It is clear to see from the numerous videos posted on YouTube and Instagram that the cats are not being forced to do anything.

Their owner just seems to have lucked out and found the weirdest, most adorable little cat in Maru.

An enriching environment

The influence that Maru’s owner does have, however, is creating a fun and engaging home for their cats.

And as the videos show, this needn’t cost a lot of money.

Most of the things that Maru and his siblings play with are cardboard and plastic boxes.

Even making obstacles for the cats is easy if you have some boxes laying around.

Although it’s fair to say that not all cats will be like Maru and enjoy the challenges so much!

It does seem like Maru is influencing his siblings to be just like him, as seen in the video below.

Clearly, Maru has an effect on those around him.

Hopefully, he lives another 15 years so he can keep delighting us all, but if not his sisters Hana and Miri look like they will continue on his legacy.

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