Tabby kitten with cast on back leg.

Kitten loses leg in a car engine and receives the surgery he needs

This kitten needed a lot of help when he was rescued. He had lost part of his leg and needed to have surgery. According to Jessica Thompson, a cat foster mom and veterinarian, the kitten was hiding in a very dangerous place in a car when he was rescued. She said: “He thought an engine … Read more

A tabby kitten's face stares down at the lens, with another tabby kitten's head popping into frame in the background.

These cheeky kitties locked themselves in their owner’s bathroom and she captured hilarious images of them!

Cat owner Julee Balko got a surprise when she discovered that the reason her bathroom door wouldn’t open was because her two mischievous kittens had locked themselves inside! Balko’s discovery led to some hilarious footage of the cheeky kitties, which she captured by sliding her phone under the bathroom door. Locked out  While unsupervised inside … Read more