Person holding brown tabby kitten, who looks like he's smiling

Orphan kitten who was all alone made friends in his new foster home

When this kitten came to his foster home, he was an orphan kitten who was all alone. But as he grew up, he made new friends in his foster home and acted as a friend and mentor for other foster kittens. Alone Gator was a tiny kitten who was all alone. He was a stray … Read more

Tabby kitten lying on its paw

Foster kitten parent debates about decision to adopt kitten or not

This temporary foster kitten parent took in a kitten, but when it came time to make a decision about whether to adopt him or find him a different home, they weren’t sure. Helping Arnold This person took in a little kitten to help out a nearby shelter. The kitten was only 4 weeks old, and … Read more

Tiny tabby kitten meowing

Tiny malnourished kitten rescued after being found sleeping in a sock

This kitten was sleeping in a sock and only being fed 2% milk. She was in desperate need of help. Fortunately, someone stepped up and took the responsibility to save her. Kitten in a sock According to this person, she found the kitten at a party. The host had been trying to take care of … Read more

Cat in Keanu was played by seven trained tabby cats

Seven Tabby cats followed a training to star in the Hollywood movie Keanu

Famous actors Jordan Peele and Michael Key released the comedy flick Keanu in April 2016. Although the actors played their part to perfection, the film’s real star was a do-rag-wearing tabby cat. The movie’s director revealed afterward that it actually took him seven kittens to play the cat in Keanu. Moreover, the felines had to … Read more

Tabby kitten with cast on back leg.

Kitten loses leg in a car engine and receives the surgery he needs

This kitten needed a lot of help when he was rescued. He had lost part of his leg and needed to have surgery. According to Jessica Thompson, a cat foster mom and veterinarian, the kitten was hiding in a very dangerous place in a car when he was rescued. She said: “He thought an engine … Read more

A tabby kitten's face stares down at the lens, with another tabby kitten's head popping into frame in the background.

These cheeky kitties locked themselves in their owner’s bathroom and she captured hilarious images of them!

Cat owner Julee Balko got a surprise when she discovered that the reason her bathroom door wouldn’t open was because her two mischievous kittens had locked themselves inside! Balko’s discovery led to some hilarious footage of the cheeky kitties, which she captured by sliding her phone under the bathroom door. Locked out  While unsupervised inside … Read more