Kitten saved from traffic after being thrown out car window

On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, a woman was driving her sedan nearby Kalamazoo, Michigan, when she witnessed an egregious act of cruelty toward a poor little kitten. A driver rolled down his window and purposefully dumped a kitten overboard in the row of vehicles in front of her.

The watchful woman immediately stopped her engine to help the kitty, as it was in a terrible position in the middle of the busy road. The woman then went to the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, a local animal shelter equipped with a veterinary clinic.

At the veterinary clinic

The 5-week-old female cat, fortunately, sustained no severe wounds, according to Kelly Fischer, the shelter’s coordinator. ” She didn’t have any real injuries from it. She’s just got an upper respiratory, and she’s a little underweight.” Kelly told West Michigan’s Fox 17.

After her examination, the feline has been put on antibiotics to treat her respiratory issues and is being fed at frequent intervals to help her gain weight. Kelly asserts that the little feline is getting a lot of love and attention even though the shelter is at total capacity.

Within a month, the kitty should also be able to find a loving home for adoption. There’s no doubt she will make adopting candidates feel warm and fuzzy.

The Kalamazoo Animal Rescue has made many appeals for donations on social media. In fact, at this time of reproduction, associations are overrun with abandoned kittens and cannot pay the associated costs.

Kelly still recalls the circumstances in which the puss came to her shelter. She and her team regret that people are capable of such cruelty. “Kalamazoo County Animal Control is an excellent and nice facility to take them to if it’s a last resort, but people are ashamed and prefer to throw them away like objects instead,” she explained.

The ongoing issue of cat overpopulation

Cat overpopulation is a contributing factor to the issue of abandoned pets. In the US, cat overpopulation is a significant problem that impacts both cats’ and people’s health.

Alley Cat Rescue estimates there’s still a lot of work to curb this recurring problem. Efforts in this area might also stop healthy, adoptable felines from being put to death just because there aren’t enough homes, even if the number of cats put to death in this country has lately fallen.

 According to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, spaying and neutering animals would significantly reduce animal cruelty cases. The shelter is one of many which argue that early sterilization is an appropriate answer.

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