Kitten was used as a children’s toy before being rescued and given a beautiful new life

Kyle the kitten was found by local authorities at a house with a lot of children.

He was malnourished and weak, and the children had been tormenting him, as children do if they are not taught to respect animals.

Luckily, Kyle was taken out of that situation and was brought to a shelter where his owner Ana adopted him.

At this time he was around five to six weeks old, and fit in the palm of Ana’s hand.

More like family

Kyle was immediately very affectionate with Ana and she suspects that perhaps Kyle was separated too early from his mother as a kitten.

But Kyle didn’t just get a new home and a much more attentive owner, he also got a new cat brother to cuddle with named Simon.

A grey and white cat sitting in front of a lounging orange tabby cat.
Kyle likes to be close to everyone all the time, including his new brother Simon. Pic credit: @kylemermaidcat/Instagram.

With a new brother came a better version of play time for Kyle, he was no longer a toy, he was now a fully-fledged playmate!


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For the first time in his life, he was safe and loved, and able to enjoy being a cat.

Ana made sure he had everything he wanted and more, spoiling him as he deserved.

Cat, or mermaid?

Surprisingly, soon after Ana adopted him, Kyle began to show his love of water.

Kyle will wait in the sink for Ana or her daughter to turn on the tap, and once they have he bathes in it.

He lets the water run all over his body and then plays with it as it fills the sink until he is completely soaked.

Sometimes he will even just lay there in it. Ana has even gotten him a pink rubber duck and a few balls to add to his baths.

He loves it when the water is running, and Ana says that he gets mad at her if she doesn’t leave the tap dripping so he can have his fun.

Maybe he finds the sound of running water relaxing?

There is evidence that cats are attracted to running water as a holdover from their wilder ancestors. In the wild, running water is a safer bet than stagnant water which can contain nasty bacteria.

It’s also thought that cats like water to play with as it makes an amusing sound and moves constantly.

Clearly, this is true for Kyle, even if it doesn’t apply to all our domestic felines.

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