Meet Mostaccioli: the Freddie Mercury lookalike

Cats are born with different fur patterns and their differences make them unique.

Mostaccioli, a black-and-white cat, has emerged as the internet’s newest sweetheart, the reason? The fascinating moggy bears a resemblance to the late musician Freddy Mercury.

Looking at her perfectly curated Instagram account, you’ll see hundreds of photos that Mostaccioli’s owner, Natalie, has been constantly posting since the feline was a newborn.

Mostaccioli does not go unnoticed, indeed, she has a black mark on her upper lip and in addition, the placement of the dark hair patch makes the puss look like the singer Freddie Mercury.

A former stray cat

Bored Panda reports that Natalie, a young woman from California, found the kitten in lousy shape in her garden when she was only a few days old. Mostaccioli was curled next to her mother and three other kittens.

The mom was a stray Bombay cat who suffered from severe pelvic insufficiency, yet she was fiercely protective of her litter. Therefore, Natalie had difficulties approaching them initially.

Mostaccioli was frailer than her siblings, and her rescuer noticed that the kitten wasn’t eating correctly. Thus, the caregiver had to supplement her nutrition. As a result, the kitten gradually regained some stamina.

When it came time to place the litter in new homes, Natalie didn’t want to part with Mostaccioli. She decided to adopt him, it’s been a year and a half since the beautiful pet has been living alongside her owner.

According to Natalie, Mostaccioli’s mark was not very visible at first. But the hairs became darker over time.

One thing is certain: this physical feature highlights the atypical beauty of the animal.

Mostaccioli is now a very athletic pet; she likes to explore her surroundings and shows interest in insects, chitchats, and hugs.

From a sick cat to an Instagram star

The adorable feline is not a lone pet; she has a sister named Izanami. Together, the pair is a sensation on Instagram.

Like many pet owners, Natalie loves to share photos of her four-legged friends on social media. And Mostaccioli cat’s whiskers have quickly become famous on the web.

Some users have noted a resemblance between Mostaccioli and the leader of the band Queen, Freddie Mercury. Consequently, most of the comments section reads like the following:

 “If Freddie Mercury was a cat …”

Some users adopt a joking tone:

“Freddie Mercury? I thought he was dead.”

Though the British musical icon gets the most mentions, others think the kitty also favors Groucho Marx, an American comedian known for his impressive mustache.

Follow both cats on Instagram to catch a glimpse of their cute lives.

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