Kitty McMillions: Three cats who inherited huge fortunes

We all feel a particular devotion to our beloved kitty overlords but some cat owners take their adoration to another level. Here we look at three cats who because of their generous owners inherited small fortunes!

We’ve discussed the devious plans that cats have for world domination before and here we discover how some kitties actually have the funds to overthrow us.

It may sound like the plot of a Disney channel original movie, however, these felines went from being regular kitties to minted cats with endless investment opportunities overnight.


This Italian cat has a true rags-to-riches story, after going from living on the streets of Rome to sitting on a pretty fortune. Rescued by the wealthy Maria Assunta, Tomasso inherited her entire $13 million dollar estate when she passed away in 2011 at the age of 94.

A childless widow who never remarried, Assunta was known for lavishly indulging Tomasso’s every desire, even giving him an entire wing of the opulent estate that he eventually became the owner of.


The beloved ragdoll cat of British singer Dusty Springfield inherited an undisclosed sum of her substantial fortune when she passed away in 1999.

The 12-year-old cat continued to live in the luxury that he was accustomed to after her death, as instructions were left that Nicholas should be fed only the finest imported baby food from America.

Another sweet caveat that the celebrated singer placed in her will was that Nicholas must have her songs played for him every night before he went to sleep.


In 1988 reclusive millionaire Ben Rea left his entire $12.5 million fortune to his beloved pussycat Blackie. Known for being a devoted cat lover, the successful antiques dealer shared his opulent mansion with 15 cats over the years.

Blackie was the millionaire’s last surviving cat when he passed and the sizable fortune that he inherited from his owner’s death placed him in the Guinness Book of World Records. The affluent feline claimed the renowned title of the world’s ‘Wealthiest Cat’ in 2011.

Adding your cat to your will

Most of us don’t possess giant piles of money that we can merrily swim through like Scrooge McDuck but we can still ensure that our kitty companions are cared for in the event of our passing.

All of the above cats were bequeathed their fortune via a named benefactor who was responsible for giving them access to their large inheritance. To ensure that your cat is cared for following your passing, you should put a caretaker for your pet in place.

According to a legal guide from about estate planning for your pets, they emphasize that appointing a trusted caretaker is the first step that you should take to secure the financial future of your furry companions.

Future minted felines

With wealthy cat lovers dotted throughout the globe, the financial future of countless felines is already secure and the appearance of lavish cat mansions inevitable.

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