Woman who spent $24k a year helping stray cats is flooded with support from public

Molly Grady shared the struggles she faced in her volunteer work for stray cats — and was flooded with support and money from across the country.

Molly started the Street Cat Society, a nonprofit organization, in Panama City (Florida) over four years ago after witnessing the area’s increase in stray cats in the past 35 years. Her association aimed to improve the lives of cats who have been abandoned, neglected, abused, or are homeless.

“Everywhere I went there were cats, and it just kind of morphed into this, and before I knew it I was feeding 100 cats,” Grady told local news channel WHJG.

How Molly funded a non profit for animals

At first, Molly started feeding the cats occasionally. She also took the injured ones to the vet clinic whenever she could.

Soon, Molly Grady was dedicating each morning to feeding roughly 100 cats before going to work. She spent more than $24,000 a year on food and medical bills for her protégés. Moreover, Molly was making cat houses out of reclaimed materials.

The struggle is real

Grady said she had to keep her involvement with the cats under wraps at first because it was deemed unfitting. However, she now has full support of businesses in the vicinity of the colonies she assists.

Grady and other rescues attempted to engage with legislators to change the laws regarding cats’ care, but to no avail. She wanted to see effective measures taken to preserve these cats and to educate the public on how to react in the presence of stray animals.

Despite all her efforts, Molly struggled to find financial support for her generous endeavor. After four years of fighting to make ends meet, the shelter founder was running out of options to keep her association alive. Then she revealed the trials and tribulations of managing an animal shelter in an interview with the Panama City News Herald.

An outpouring of support for Molly Grady

According to volunteer Melinda May, the association’s marketing manager, (via the News Herald) shared Molly’s interview with local groups. When Melinda turned on her computer later that evening, she saw more than 150 comments on the article and 150 shares.

The animal-loving community touched by Molly’s dedication rallied around and donated in droves.  An astonished Molly received money, additional volunteers, and even web design services.

Today, Molly remains grateful for the massive support she got from the public. The assistance has renewed her motivation to pursue her mission to help abandoned animals. Molly will also continue to educate legislators and the public on the various solutions to solve the problem.

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